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Asking questions is the key to likeability, researchers find

Show interest in your customers to increase your likeability.

Obsessing over your likeability may have started in middle school, but it certainly didn’t end at graduation. Marketers strive to create that next viral video, and CEOs devote thousands of dollars to workshops to learn to boost their charisma. The thing is … we tend to overcomplicate likeability. If there’s a silver bullet for getting […]

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Tackling your mobile marketing strategy

Mobile marketing should be a crucial component of your overall marketing strategy in 2016. There is simply no way of avoiding the mobile realities of the modern consumer. According to Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report, over 70 percent of marketers view mobile marketing as a core part of their business. Moreover, 68 percent of […]

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Fall in love with email marketing – again

fall in love with email marketing

Email marketing is still a great way to reach your customers on a personal level. Let's take a look at exactly why you should gear up to fall in love with email marketing - again.

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Marketing among generations

marketing to generations

Marketing efforts should differ based on the target audience: here is how to target every audience, from baby boomers all the way up to millenials.

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E-book: Digital Marketing Event Guide

Holiday event marketing ideas

It’s holiday season! Gifts! Hot chocolate! Your in-laws! It’s the season to kick your business into overdrive and make a big push for profits at the end of the year. Many businesses host holiday events to celebrate the season with customers new and old. But what’s the point of making all the effort if nobody shows up? […]

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