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The Tricks and Treats of Using Social Media to Promote your Halloween Party

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Hosting big events around major holidays has long been an effective way for businesses to boost sales. It’s a no-brainer for business owners and marketers: you’re always looking for new opportunities to boost sales and build brand awareness, and your customers are feeling festive and looking to have a good time. Halloween parties are the […]

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Effective email outreach this Valentine’s Day

I recently sat down with DJ Kepler, our eMarketing manager here at Moving Targets, about how small and medium-sized businesses should go about optimizing their email marketing for Valentine's Day, how to connect beyond the inbox and the idea that the KIS ("keep it simple") approach is best when crafting email content.

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Questions to ask as you prepare for holiday catering

Holiday catering can be a significant boon for restaurants, providing a way to boost sales and attract new customers as the end of the year approaches. However, if you don't put a robust plan in place to handle the additional business or you fail to adequately promote your seasonal offerings, you run the risk of missing out on the profits that the holidays can yield.

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Online reputation during the holidays

Your online reputation doesn’t take time off for the holidays. Customers will be online more than ever before, and they expect you to be online too. Monitoring what your guests are saying will help you uncover issues that you may otherwise not know about. And as you know, new potential guest research you online first, […]

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