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The More, the Merrier

Sydney the best black lab ever

We’re happy to welcome newbies Jeremy Howe and Rachel Heisler to the squad. Jeremy will be cutting his teeth in our email department, freeing up the rest of the email team to take on expanded roles. Similarly, Rachel joins the social media team looking to find new ways to assist our clients with all of […]

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Don’t tuck your shirt in on your first day

Hit your moving target

Hey fam! Long time, no talk. How have you been? Great to hear. We’ve been doing pretty well over here. As has been the theme of most of our “What’s Happening at MT?” blogs, we’re here today to talk about progress and change. The last year has brought a lot of action to Moving Targets. […]

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E-book: Word is Bond: 20 quotes to inspire success

Word is Bond: 20 inspirational quotes to inspire success

Life is hard. We get it. But you don’t have to go through it alone. We’ve brought backup, hip-hop’s finest, from Notorious B.I.G. to Drake. Quotes to inspire success, uplift and motivate We’ve compiled this deck from some of the foremost poets of our age to help you get through the day without completely losing it. It’s like Big Daddy […]

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Recap with your favorite marketing team

Sometimes, you just have to pat yourself on the shoulder. Ever generous, Jay and Stu sprang a surprise Employee Appreciation Day on the whole company. To show us the gratitude and approval we desperately crave, the bosses mercifully allowed us to take a slow day to eat more Penny’s Pizza than is medically advisable and have a little bit of fun on a Friday.

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Small business resources, video marketing and Fat Tuesday!

Alex Beard, Digital Marketing Strategist, Moving Targets Marketing, Bitty Bear

Things were a bit slow around here during the last few weeks as Not-So-Superblizzard Juno, or whatever it was, conspired to keep most of us stuck at home for a couple days. We had some fun, though, and even managed to get some work done in between the shoveling and hot chocolate and annoying our roommates. We’re […]

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Modern Perspective, Veteran Team

Somehow between stealing snacks from the social media team and napping during meetings, COO(L) Bill Colihan found the time to rebuild his 1976 Suzuki RM125A, first year of the renowned RM racing motorcycle . This mid-life crisis was rebuilt from the frame up with original parts and a desperate refusal to grow up. Armed with decades […]

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