Social Media is the face of your brand. Turn your smile into sales.


Ever wonder what really influences your business growth? Customers finding your website, becoming a social media fan, responding to great promotions, reading reviews, or receiving a direct mail and then looking for credibility online? With website bounce rates of 30% and prospects spending merely 50 seconds on your website, it’s difficult to measure what’s working.

Our clients no longer sit around wondering. Together, we took proactive action building a customer experience that drives ideal prospects exactly to the message we planned for them to see. It sure beats hoping for 50 seconds of their time!

We place the ads, generate the leads, direct the traffic, create the sales funnel that refines the leads, track their behavior, deliver the right content, remarket the correct offer to generate conversions that grow our client’s business.

As a full-service advertising agency we have all the tools.

Every social media plan includes advertising spend and all decisions are backed by data science – monitoring metrics, such as fan base growth, demographic fluctuations, post reach and engagement. You receive your own digital strategist that learns your business and goals and has experience in your industry. Your strategist becomes the voice of your company, an expert on your brand and how your customers prefer to interact online.

 Generate leads that increase sales via highly specialized Facebook Ads

 Combine direct mail using the identical Facebook demographics

 Simultaneously capture contact information for email promotion and remarketing

•  Drive traffic to custom landing pages, e-books, sales funnels

 Engage existing clients, while dramatically increasing your fan base

 Deliver motion graphics videos that capture both attention and solid leads

 Nurture your online community through feed management and customer service

 Report weekly on all analytics proving results from experts handling your marketing

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Social Media Marketing Management Pricing 2017

Your Brand + Our Experts = One-of-a-Kind Results


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