Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

Real customers, telling spectacular stories about our guaranteed marketing services. Every review below is from a current active customer and we post their contact information in case anyone ever wanted to verify, first-hand, just how spectacular they are…

"No other form of advertising has done more for my business... simply the best forms of advertising available."
Dave Nelson, Owner
Players Pizza & Pasta, Penn Valley, CA
"Every few months I complete a quick check of my statistics to see if Moving Targets and Birthday Connections are really working because it seems like a lot of people come in every week...sometimes it seems like every day.....with a coupon for a free oil change! I ask myself if it's worth it to be giving so much away. Well....it is! Even if some of them never come back, the ones who do cover the cost of the program and then more! I've even had free oil changes turn into thousand dollar invoices right on the spot!"
Trish Schultheis, Owner
Airpark Auto & Truck, Inc., Eagle, CO
"We have done away with all other direct mailers as we get a much better return on our money bringing in a measurable return on our investment."
Jeff Leany, Owner
Starvin Arvin's, Clifton, CO
"Your program gets my foot in the door first and for that I (we) thank you... I get the first chance to impress a customer."
Louis Muto, Owner
DeMarco's Pizzeria, Hewitt, NJ
"Since there are no contracts, and I have the ability to set my own budget, I gave it a shot. I have been quite surprised at the unusually high redemption rates of all three programs. The solo mailed letters and cards make a huge impact. In addition, I really like the monthly advertising tips I receive from Jay. I would highly recommend giving these programs a shot. I have steadily increased my budget for these programs as my business has grown despite this terrible economy."
Donald Bradley, Owner
Manhattan Bagel, Chalfont, PA
"I have been using Moving Targets and Loyal Rewards for years! This is the BEST money spent for advertising your business and increasing sales! There is no better return on your investment! Grow your business with Moving Targets and reward your current customers with Loyal Rewards!"
Chris Nonnemaker, Owner
Papas Pizza To Go, Cleveland, GA
"There is no easier way to communicate with your customers, it's that simple. The email coupons are customized by YOU and sent the same day. What a great feeling it is to send out an email coupon and have customers come in THAT DAY to receive their special deals! The Loyal Rewards team is always on top of their game and provides a wonderful and invaluable service. You can't afford NOT to utilize this at your business."
Susan Pardue, Owner
Tires Plus Total Car Care, Lake Worth, FL
"Loyal Rewards does work! It is absolutely amazing how quickly they react to our e-mails. A gift certificate sent out in the morning brings customers to our door as early as 11:00 a.m. the same day. Customers proudly place their Loyal Rewards Gift Certificate on the edge of their table for everyone to see. It has enabled us to maintain and grow our business even in these somewhat trying economic times."
David Francis, Owner
Las Katarinas Mexican Restaurant, Nevada City, CA
"Here's the best compliment I can give you... I don't want my competitors to know about you or take advantage of your programs. They are the most effective, trackable advertising we do."
J.B. Maas, Partner
Shorebreak Pizza/Hot Tuna Bar & Grill, Virginia Beach, VA
"We have increased the oil and lube end of our business by 13% over the last two years simply by using Moving Targets."
Rod Gourley, Manager
Ampride Tire & Auto, Alva, OK
"I've used Moving Targets for a while now and most have stayed with us as their #1 pizza choice. We also use Loyal Rewards and that has given us a good response... it is quick and easy."
Carol Mattes, Owner
Pizza Pete, Orland Park, IL
"Approximately a 27+% return rate... close to 1 out of 3 coming to our facility with a very professional birthday letter with a great offer."
Troy Montpetit, Operator/Owner
Downtowner Car Wash, Cape Coral, FL
"Your service is great, and the program does exactly what it's intended to do. We added the program to a 'challenged' store 3 years ago, and we've had 3 straight years of 12-13% yearly sales growth in that unit! Now we're the market leader in this town! It's working so well, we just added it to 2 more locations!"
Mark Shanks, Vice President
Pizza Man, Villa Grove, IL
"I think Moving Targets is the best advertisement out there. I have built so many new customers just for sending out free oil change coupons. I have saved so much money, because I am not advertising as much with other companies."
Ryan Degner, Owner
Ryan's Auto Care, Lake Mills, WI

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