Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

Real customers, telling spectacular stories about our guaranteed marketing services. Every review below is from a current active customer and we post their contact information in case anyone ever wanted to verify, first-hand, just how spectacular they are…

"Loyal Rewards does work! It is absolutely amazing how quickly they react to our e-mails. A gift certificate sent out in the morning brings customers to our door as early as 11:00 a.m. the same day. Customers proudly place their Loyal Rewards Gift Certificate on the edge of their table for everyone to see. It has enabled us to maintain and grow our business even in these somewhat trying economic times."
David Francis, Owner
Las Katarinas Mexican Restaurant, Nevada City, CA
"We have used Moving Targets for a long time and consider it an important part of our advertising plan. They provide a year-round link to the customers moving in to our area. Our sincere thanks to all of the staff at Moving Targets for all that they have done to help us better serve our customers!"
Robert Spiering, President
Spiering's Garage, Greensboro, MD
"We have been using Moving Targets direct mail as a tool to bring in new customers. It has been a successful campaign for our shop. We will continue our business with you Moving Targets, thank you!"
Tracy Cotton, Owner
Mick's Automotive, Santa Cruz, CA
"Moving Targets has helped our small business out tremendously! It directly mails a welcome letter that grabs your attention right off the bat.... I discovered that the key to getting new customers is having them sample your products."
Adam Mastt, Owner
Slice of the 80's, Westland, MI
"Moving Targets affords me a way to attract new people...Actually, my customer retention rate is quite good and very profitable...I can truthfully say that without Moving Targets it would have taken me many more years to develop my business. I'm glad I found you!"
Bruce Michie, Owner
Straight Ahead, Roanoke, VA
"Moving Targets has always proved to be a beneficial tool in our restaurant. It consistently brought new customers in and got our name and our business out to people who are new in town...I would recommend this marketing business/tool to every and any business out there that may be looking for new customers!"
Steven Taylar, Owner
Marco's Ristorante Italiano, Lewiston, ME
"The Loyal Rewards program is awesome! It is so easy and my customers love it. My customers ask me all the time when are you going to send me another email promotion... nice to know they look forward to getting emails from me! You are terrific!"
Rodney Flint, Owner
Cruz-Thru Car Wash & Lube, Yorktown, VA
"I've been a Moving Targets customer for about 5 years now, it's been a great help! It's been a very effective tool for me, I get about 30-35% return every month. The customers that use the gift are appreciative."
Jim McHugh, Partner
Primo Pizza, Brigantine, NJ
"Our restaurant does not have an outside sign to identify our location. The Moving Targets campaign has a way of steering the new neighbors to our location."
Eddie Savino, Owner
Brazen Head Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
"We started using the Moving Targets program the second year we were open, and continue to run this each month and have been getting a high % response to the mailer and have gotten many new customers from this."
Michael Herbert, Owner
Michaleno's Pizzeria, Kewaskum, WI
"We own a restaurant and we have been using Moving Targets for almost 10 years. They are professional and courteous and quickly respond to all your needs."
Karen Steele, Partner
Timothy's of Newark, Newark, DE
"The Moving Targets mailers really do work...Thanks for helping make this a good business year. Best wishes."
Dan Ramser, Owner
183 Auto Care, Allaince, OH
"Thank you for your creative work on Bagel Spice... you're kicking butt! Love your work! Keep it up."
Bechara Jaoudeh, Owner
Bagel Spice, Chalfont, PA
"Happy with the results... one of the best ways to reach new people."
John Jourden, Partner
Jourden's Automotive, Ann Arbor, MI

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