Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

Real customers, telling spectacular stories about our guaranteed marketing services. Every review below is from a current active customer and we post their contact information in case anyone ever wanted to verify, first-hand, just how spectacular they are…

"We have been using Moving Targets for a year and will continue to use them. They are great people to work with & very professional."
Kevin Good, VP
Good Tire Service Inc., Kittanning, PA
"Great company to deal with...We get 1 to 2 % of these back from new clients and a few from current clients who moved and we let them use the coupon as to build good will."
Phil Sims, Owner
Chip's Car Care, Seymour, TN
"I would recommend your service to anyone whether a new business or existing. I have used it for a while and the new mover and happy birthday is a great service for me. Anyone can always use new customers from the new movers. What better way to gain a new customer and introduce yourself than with a free gift. As the happy birthday is a great way to give back to all your loyal customers especially in this economy. I have had several people just say that that is a very nice gift and they appreciate it."
John Bugbee, Owner
Autosmith Sales & Service, Jericho, VT
"The response to the $10.00 off coupon exceeded my expectations. The new residents moving into our area have been so pleased... I see that 75% of these new customers are returning to shop at my grocery store."
Vic Cooper, Owner
Cooper Foods, Waverly Hall, GA
"We have used Moving Targets for at least the last 6 years. Everyone in the company is both friendly and professional...Thanks for sending us customers."
Greg Stover, Retail Sales Manager
Appalachian Tire Products Inc., Charleston, WV
"Falcon Auto Service Center has been using Moving Targets for 8 years. Consistently year after year Moving Targets outperforms our other forms of promotion. In fact, 20% of our business in the last year has come from clients that found out about Falcon Auto from Moving Targets. That's 1 out of every 5 sales dollars were contributed to Moving Targets. What a great investment in my business!"
David Edmunds, Owner
Falcon Auto Service Center, Peyton, CO
"Get good response to the offer... about 50% percent of those mailed get used. Many become good loyal customers."
David & Tammy Slater, Owners
Slater's Diner, Raymond, WA
"Always willing to discuss the options I have to make Moving Targets better fit my needs. I'm in an urban area and this has always presented a challenge for marketing. Being able to speak personally with someone who has a vast knowledge of my market has always made my decisions easier."
Mike Bailey, Owner
Car Doctor, Oklahoma City, OK
"I have been using Moving Targets for 23 years now...Moving Targets has always been an effective and inexpensive way to get new customers..."
Ralph Fas, Owner
Fast Automotive Center, San Marcos, CA
"We have been using Moving Targets for years now. It is a great way to advertise. We recommend it for any business. Jay and his staff are really great."
Theresa Heiland, Partner
Middle TN Pizza, Inc., Murfreesboro, TN
"Our social media program is flying high. We get compliments on it all the time... customers think we are the ones answering them on a daily basis. We are almost at 10,000 names on our loyal rewards database, so I expect to market to them even more. We are getting fantastic responses with our email blasts."
Frank Fusco, General Manager
Frankie's Italian Cuisine, North Olmsted, OH
"We have been loyal Moving Targets customers for thirteen years now. Every month it brings in new happy customers! Keep up the good work!"
Carlo D'Aquanni, Partner
Amore Pizzeria & Cafe, Pleasant Valley, NY
"See a consistent flow of new customers... most of the people who come in with the coupon end up being regular, long term customers with multiple vehicles. These people recommend us to their friends and family, thus bringing us even more business. This is the best deal for the least amount of money and work to create new customers."
Shawn Douton, Owner
A-1 Auto Center LLC, Niantic, CT
"We have been using Moving Targets for 16 years. Money well spent. New customers become lifetime customers. I recommend their services for any new business. I also enjoy reading Jay's Tips."
Hilda Shunia, Owner
Village Pizza & BBQ, Milford, MI

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