Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

Real customers, telling spectacular stories about our guaranteed marketing services. Every review below is from a current active customer and we post their contact information in case anyone ever wanted to verify, first-hand, just how spectacular they are…

"No other form of advertising has done more for my business... simply the best forms of advertising available."
Dave Nelson, Owner
Players Pizza & Pasta, Penn Valley, CA
"I have been using Moving Targets for several years. I offer a free oil change to new residents through this program to get them to give us a try. Recently one of these resulted in additional work of over $2100 and according to the new client, 'a customer for life.' How can you argue with results like this?"
Dale Franklin, Owner
Partner Tire & Service Inc., Colchester, VT
"Instant redemption... proven great forms of advertising."
Dee Wells, Owner
Withee Mobil Mart, Withee, WI
"I have been using Moving Targets for well over 10 years now. They make it so simple to earn new quality customers...I would not think of eliminating this valuable service from my marketing program, it is a must have!"
Sunshine Pearson, Owner
Denny's Auto Service, Shelton, WA
"If your car count is down or if you're just needing more workflow-Moving Targets is your answer. We have been using MOVING TARGETS for just 2 years and just one of the new customers we have gained has more than paid back the investment. TRY THIS-I PROMISE IT WORKS. People are creatures of habit-if you don't get the new people moving in the area first-your competition will."
John M. Polonchak, Owner
John Chaks Automotive LLC, Denison, TX
"Gives me the opportunity to mail menus and coupons to these brand new customers before they receive advertising from my competitors."
Rik Yeames, Owner
Dominos, Epsom, NH
"We are very pleased with the business Moving Targets has brought to our business this past year! Our favorite change to the Moving Targets program was our ability to customize our mailing district online to better meet our business needs. We were able to outline the radius of the customer base we wanted to reach to remove areas where the vouchers had been less successful in bringing in repeat business and to add new neighborhoods where the vouchers have been very successful. This was a big advantage for us and we have loved seeing how our changes were very positive for our business."
Doug Aukeman, Owner
Forest Grove Auto, Inc., Hudsonville, MI
"The Moving Targets mailers really do work...Thanks for helping make this a good business year. Best wishes."
Dan Ramser, Owner
183 Auto Care, Allaince, OH
"Gives us an opportunity to meet the new people in town... getting new business and repeat customers."
Gary Dore, Owner
Magnolia Tire & Auto Service, Loris, SC
"The redemption rate is around 40%, which we feel is excellent for this type of direct mail...Moving Targets helped us setup a custom mailing zone which covers our primary trade area. Thanks Moving Targets for helping us complete our 16th successful year in the Dairy Queen Business at our 2 locations in Stevensville and St. Joseph, Michigan."
Tom Cellentani, Owner
Dairy Queen of Stevensville, Stevensville, MI
"Thank you for your creative work on Bagel Spice... you're kicking butt! Love your work! Keep it up."
Bechara Jaoudeh, Owner
Bagel Spice, Chalfont, PA
"I use Loyal Rewards and Moving Targets and find both programs to be invaluable to my business. The customer service your employees provide, I find to be another asset your company offers. In my 30 years of business, I have found that Loyal Rewards and Moving Targets have given me a real bang for my buck! I have over 800 e-mail addresses in my Loyal Rewards account. Not only do I send out a promotion every month, I use it for important announcements too. I get a 60 percent response when I send out the e-mail specials and that is quite the response. I realize through this kind of advertisement that many of our customers eat here more than one time a week. I gain a lot of valuable information from the response I receive. It's great! It's quick, easy and I can afford this kind of effective advertising. Ever since we started using Moving Targets our business has increased exponentially. Moving Targets sends out about 75 free pizzas a month. Out of that 75 we get a response of about 30 people calling for a free pizza. Out of that 30 we get ten to fifteen new customers a month. That is HUGE! Anyone in the restaurant business knows if you can increase your customer base by that much a month your profits will go up! I believe that Loyal Rewards and Moving Targets are a big part of the reason why we are expanding our business. In today's economy many businesses unfortunately are going out of business, but I believe with a great product and great marketing tools businesses can succeed and do well. I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart; without Loyal Rewards and Moving Targets, we would not be as successful as we are!"
Annette Rossi, Owner
Rizzo's Pizzeria, Torrance, CA
"We have been very pleased with response and redemption rate of the certificates mailed to people new to our community. Being a small store isolated on one side of town away from the big competitors, this gives us a tool to draw people to our store. We get a chance to get some of our signature items in their hands, and our staff has an opportunity to wow them."
Mark Davis, President/General Manager
Eikenberry's IGA, Greenville, OH
"Moving Targets is a great company to get new clients and keep your old clientele happy!"
Martin Boynton, Owner
Charleston Auto Repair, Charleston, SC

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