Test your fiscal fitness with Jay Siff, CEO

We’re a direct marketing agency that puts our money where our mouth is, delivering guaranteed results. Auto shops, brew pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and retail brands, get the magic!

Our blend of traditional strategy with modern tactics allows us to leverage direct mail, with email and social marketing into well-designed campaigns. We create unfair branding advantages that allow even the smaller business to stand above their competition. Yet we handle major brands so they can remain in a leadership position. Hand-crafted letters and cards bring in new customers every month. Full-service social media management and Facebook advertising reinforces your brand and can generate new customers every day. All-inclusive email marketing can return customers to your business within hours. Using them together correctly, like simultaneously delivering an offer via direct mail to new residents and using your email list to find lookalike prospects who recently moved with a Facebook Ad, delivers exponential returns.

We work with restaurants, nightclubs, automotive service & tire dealerships, retail organizations, food brands, franchises and corporate partners on a personal basis, adding marketing skills and increasing sales, without increasing payroll.

Everything we do is uniquely designed, coded and executed with the single goal of delivering direct marketing magic that easily allows your business to outmuscle the competition.

AAA, Sysco, NAPA, RestaurantOwner.com, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin and Cokesolutions.com all recommend Moving Targets.

We have helped over 20,000 businesses sell more, compete better and retain customers longer. We want to help your business too!

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