About us and our story, a marketing timeline

Our story begins with Retail business veterans building a team of veteran marketing experts with modern perspective.

Founders Jay Siff and Stu Duckman met in the Commerce and Engineering program at Drexel University, but Jay quickly changed his major to Psychology. This started Jay on a lifelong journey researching how consumers make buying decisions.

As partners, Stu brought the business know-how while Jay represented the mind of the consumer. After decades of hands-on experience selling and servicing products to people in every walk of life—from Porsche 911s to VW Bugs—both Jay and Stu realized a universal challenge that limited ongoing success for all retailers: “customer churn” customers moving on regardless of great products or services. Faced with this challenge themselves, they recognized the solution in families that were always moving into their town, and thus Moving Targets was born.

Combining the research of direct marketing experts like Shell Alpert, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Bob Bly, with the science of neuromarketing experts like Dan Ariely and Robert Cialdini, Jay and Stu empowered businesses with unique Print & Digital marketing campaigns that engaged, gained and retained customers.

Jay and Stu’s diligent, creative efforts have resulted in the most efficient and effective way for businesses to connect with their customers. Over 20,000 retail organizations have profited from Moving Targets’ expertise without ever lifting a finger!

Jay Siff, CEO, Moving Targets Direct Marketing
Stu Duckman, CFO, Moving Targets Direct Marketing