Celebrate Lesser-Known “National Holidays” to Promote Your Business

There is no shortage of commercials and giveaways around each holiday, but eventually, those messages blend together for our customers. But when was the last time you saw a promotion for National Cheese Day (it’s June 4, by the way) and celebrated by heading to your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant for chips and queso?

Stand out from crowded holiday messaging by running a promotion for your own special day.

Whether it is an established but lesser-known national day or creating your own day, drive traffic to your location with celebration focused on your business.

Let’s take a look at a few successful examples of unknown holidays that became traffic-drivers and how you can use those to spark thoughts for your next big promotion.

Example of holiday graphic to generate business

Success Stories of "Holidays"

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Translate Success Stories to Your Business

The Memorial Day push is in full-swing now, but what promotions could we run next month? Below are a few ideas for June, but if there are other months where your business might need a boost, check out this monthly holiday calendar.

Wacky June Holidays

You’ve Picked Your Day…Now What?

You need to let current and potential customers know! There are countless ways to build awareness in advance of a promotion, so we’ve listed a few of our favorites:

  • Email: Let your current customers know (in advanceI) that you are running a promotion. Be sure to give them time to plan a visit in advance.  See how Moving Targets can help!
  • Social Media: Creating some exciting and attention-grabbing social posts and ads are sure to help you spread the word with those most likely to be interested in celebrating with you.
  • In-Store POP: Repurpose that fun social creative to create some in-store POP that builds not only awareness, but excitement with current customers. Fun holidays deserve all the window clings and bollard signs you can design, so go crazy!
  • Direct Mail: Build awareness through a channel proven to grab attention with an oversized postcard or other mailer (outside of the pack for greatest impact!)
  • Geofencing: If you have a specific audience you want to target, or are looking to amplify your campaign around your location, consider using custom geofencing ad placements to reach your potential audience digitally.

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