Case Study: Pulling in new clients with Social Media

By leveraging Facebook ads to build an email database, we were able to help our client pull in new customers and nurture leads with a monthly newsletter.


Along with thousands of trailer retailers across the country, Hull Trailers entered the market back in 2015 with 25 years of trailer manufacturing experience under their belt. Their business took off running and they reached out to us to help them keep the ball rolling. Building an email list to keep in touch with your current customer base is an important part of any business, but they had no idea the impact it would have on their business. Moving Targets helped Hull Trailers combine their newsletter program, filled with monthly updates, inventory, and giveaways (you read that right- trailer giveaways!) with an online social media presence to keep their business on the fast track to success.


Social media marketing is a concept that is ever-changing and evolving and the idea of email collection through social media platforms jumped to the surface a few years back. Collecting email addresses in this manner, mainly through lead forms native to Facebook, is a great way to combine your already active social media presence with your slow-growing email marketing campaigns. 

When it came to social media, the strategy was simple. We created content that would catch the eye of potential customers and prompted them to sign up for a newsletter filled with information that would be of value to them. We tested several designs and copy with one audience to determine what would bring in the most leads and optimized our ads based on our results. We asked for minimal information, their name and email address was all we needed to get them started on their journey from potential customer to current (and on-going) customer. 

I know what you’re thinking, how could we create a newsletter about trailers that was exciting and full of value? The answer is that at some point in your life you were probably in need of a trailer and that “some point” could be now for one of our newsletter customers. Whether you were moving, helping someone else move, transporting a car or large piece of furniture, or you needed the trailer for your job, the list goes on and on and trailers are of value throughout your life.


Over the last 3 years, Moving Targets was able to assist Hull Trailers in adding 14,938 new contacts to their newsletter database with each lead coming in at just $0.21. The newsletter is sent out once a month and has an average open rate of 25.1% compared to the industry average open rate of 13.94%.

Want to see what Moving Targets’ email and social media programs can do for your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started using our services to keep you in contact with your current customers while growing your business and adding new customers along the way.

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