3 Best Practices of Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is starting to feel old school in a digital age. Make sure you are implementing these five habits into your direct mail marketing campaign for the best results.

Direct mail is still one of the most impactful forms of marketing, as 90% of all mail is seen by the homeowner. To help you get a better idea of how to start using direct mail effectively, we’ve come up with a short list of best practices for the best results.

1. Get People Excited!

Quality design can make a huge difference if people take note of direct mail, especially on physical pieces.  Beyond spending time on layout and design, everything should be easy to read and draw the eye of the reader. Bright colors and a simple design that is not overcrowded helps engage the reader.  Make sure you have the right format: if you have a great backstory to share – consider a long-form letter; Need to share short, exciting news – an oversized post card does the trick!

2. Provide Something of Value

Once you have the reader’s attention, give them a reason to try your product or service. Whether giving free advice or a discount, offering something of value helps incentive trial. Direct mail can help get customers through the door, where you can show them the fantastic service and products you provide. Once you establish a good relationship, they will be more than willing to support your business.

3. Target the Right People

Sending a direct mail piece to everyone in town seems simple, but it can be a waste of effort and dollars! Targeting your direct mail to key audiences, such as new residents or people with upcoming birthdays, to help focus your messaging and strategy for acquiring new customers. (Take your targeting to the next level with hyper-targeted digital ads that pair up with your direct mail. With an Addressable campaign, you can target digital ads to only get delivered to the same households as your direct mail, eliminating the wasted dollars and increasing the frequency in which your message is seen.)

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