Is your direct mail piece fridge-worthy?

When done right, a direct mail piece can be fridge-worthy: recipients are so attracted by the graphic design that they stick it on their fridge to see everyday.
Fridge Worthy Direct Mail

When done right, a direct mail piece can be fridge-worthy: recipients are so attracted by the graphic design and the call to action on the mailer is so compelling that they stick it on their fridge to remind themselves to take action.

Much of the “fridge appeal” is a result of the tangible nature of direct mail. Contrary to their digital counterparts, direct mailings offer consumers a tactile experience which leaves “a deeper footprint” in the brain.

Physical advertisements leave a longer-lasting memory when it comes time for the recipient to make a purchase decision. Additionally, tangible ads trigger activity in the area of the brain that is responsible for value and desirability, which can signal a higher intent to purchase.

Physical marketing material demands more emotional processing, which is essential for memory and brand association. The “real” experience enables your brand to become further embedded within the recipients’ memories. The “real” experience is internalized, which means the materials have a more personal effect, and therefore should aid motivation to take action.

Yet, not just any old direct mail message will have the same impact. While there are many factors to consider when creating your campaign; here are four details that are often overlooked.

1) Compelling Copy

Direct mail copy should not only be creative but also check-off all of the following boxes:

  • The headline is clear and immediately attracts the recipient’s attention and quickly communicates one central message.
  • Subheadline that gently leads the reader to the rest of the copy.
  • The copy states benefits, not solely listing features.
  • There’s a compelling call to action that directs the recipient on the next step. (Visit us online; Call us today; Present this for a special offer)
  • Contact information is included. There’s a return address, which lets people know they’re dealing with a company that has an actual location.

2) Well-defined mailing list

A clean, comprehensive, and accurate mailing list will attribute to 40% of your direct mail success. You can spend thousands of dollars on paper, design and copy, but if your message never gets to your prospects, or doesn’t get to the right prospects, you’re just throwing money out the window.

A massive direct-mail marketing campaign that targets anyone and everyone seldom yields more profit than a smaller, highly-targeted, niche campaign. The focus of your direct mail piece should be centralized around one product or service and sent to a highly targeted demographic for optimal results.

3) Paper Quality

The right paper choice can make-or-break your direct mail campaign. Before the recipient has a chance to process your message, the paper will give them an impression of the quality of your company. A quality stock paper gives the impression that your business cares about the way in which they’re being perceived.

Choosing the right stock paper for your mailer is not a decision to be made lightly. An otherwise effective mailer sent out on a flimsy, low-weight paper can communicate (subliminally) that the company who mailed the piece is cheap and probably doesn’t care about their products, causing the recipient to ponder,  if they don’t care about their products, I wonder how they feel about their customers.

4) The Perfect Color

Color can tap into personal meaning, command attention, and affect one’s frame of mind. Up to 90% of decisions about a product/brand are based on color alone.

If your mailer contains a lot of content, color and a lack of white space, the recipient may be overwhelmed and your message may become skewed.

Colors evoke very distinct emotions in people. For instance, the color blue connotes feelings of dependability, tranquility, and reliability, that’s why it’s often used by financial institutions to establish confidence and trust. Red is associated with passion and a sense of urgency, making it an excellent choice for impulse buys or sales.

Start creating your own fridge-worthy direct mail today – with no setup or design fees! Contact our team of Marketing Consultants to see how we can help you reach new customers in your area.

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