Case Study: Jim’s Restaurants Serving Southern Hospitality in the Digital Age

Jim’s Restaurants sought to capture business from new movers in the area. Using Moving Targets' direct mail solution, Jim's saw a huge return on investment.
Homestyle Cooking available at Jim's


Frontier Enterprises wanted to increase awareness of their 15 Jim’s Restaurants locations in the San Antonio community. The goal was to prove to its customers that they stood by their founder G. Jim Hasslocher’s goal “to provide customers with the highest quality food at the lowest possible price”.

Having taken advantage of Moving Targets’ New Mailer program for their 3 Austin locations and experiencing tangible sales growth in the past, Jim’s Restaurants wanted to show the same welcome to new San Antonio residents before their competition.


One of the main goals of this campaign was to introduce Jim’s to new ideal customers before their competition since recently moved families are 5x more likely to generate long-term revenue for a business. Frontier Enterprises worked with Moving Targets to select the perfect target audience by specifying a geographic restriction to San Antonio proper and its surrounding neighborhoods which amounted to over 16,000 new residents.

Having helped over 25,000 businesses with their direct mail in the past, Moving Targets had the know-how to craft special new resident mailers that were specific to Jim’s Restaurants and the unique San Antonio community. In the past, Moving Targets found that new Residents Mailers’ response rates are 10x – 20x higher than unbranded, mass-mailed direct mail programs.

Direct Mail Case Study


People love the four letter f-word “free” almost as much as “food” which is why Jim’s Restaurants offered “One Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner up to a $15 value” per household. Moving Targets issued this mailer to 16,412 new residents within a 10-mile radius of San Antonio and the results were staggering.

The Broadway Street location alone saw a 38.9% return on their New Residents Mailer with almost $2,000 in revenue.  On average, all of Jim’s Restaurants in San Antonio saw almost 17% return on this mailer alone with a total of over $34,000 in revenue.

Frontier Enterprises pledges to offer excellent food and prices to their customers: “It is our hope for you to eat with joy and be of good heart for merry hearts live longer. And we give to you our thanks… and invite you to please come again.”

With this in mind and the support of quality marketing, we’re sure that Jim’s Restaurants’ legacy of customer service will succeed well into the future with their new generation of customers.


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