Testing is crucial to marketing success

Regardless of your channel mix, testing is a crucial part of marketing success. While testing is common in digital tactics, it often gets forgotten for direct mail.

But like all marketing, you need to ensure you are optimizing.

Check out a few ways you can test your direct mail campaign:

  • Offers: The easiest and best way to test marketing is to try different offers. Want to do an A/B test? You can with direct mail marketing!
  • Direct mail formats: each offers their own benefits; are you using the right format?
  • Mailing times: does a monthly cadence make the most sense for your messaging?
  • Graphics and wording: there is a science behind neuromarketing on what you say and how you display it; are you showing your messages in a way to get the best response?

Don’t assume what you send is the best you can do. And don’t be afraid to try something different!

Do you have questions about the different ways to optimize your marketing? Shoot us an email.

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