Case Study: Boosting Customer Engagement with a Survey

By leveraging their valuable email database, we were able to survey a hotel's past guests to learn what they should focus on during renovations.
Email Case Study - Survey


A popular hotel based in Nashville, IN wanted to gain valuable insights from their past guests about what amenities were most valuable when considering a hotel stay. As a long time email customer of Moving Targets, they knew that the best way to engage past and repeat customers is by email, so they reached out to their personal strategist to get a recommendation about the best thing to do.


Moving Targets jumped on the opportunity to test new software to integrate the survey into our email campaigns. By leveraging their valuable email database, we were able to survey past guests in order to learn what the hotel should focus on during renovations.

After establishing what questions we should be asking and the format that would allow for the best possible response rate and accuracy, Moving Targets got to work on designing a responsive email campaign. We were able to offer a discount for weekday stays to patrons as an added incentive for them to complete the survey.


Customers love sharing feedback with the businesses they love! The email had a fantastic 39% open rate – for comparison, the industry average is 16%. From those that opened the email, 23% clicked on the survey link (the industry average is 2%). The survey had over 400 responses – a 78% response rate!. 

This campaign even outperformed the hotel’s already stellar email marketing statistics – previous emails had open rates between 21%-35% and 1%-4% click-through rates.

Beyond the stellar performance, the client received valuable insights about what their patrons find most valuable about their property. The owners can now use this information to make important, fact-based decisions about how money should be spent on renovations. Since users also received a coupon for filling out the survey, the hotel also saw a spike in weekday reservations which built the business even further.

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