Email Marketing Trends

Recent trends in email marketingEmail marketing trends continues to transform rapidly amid recent research that has indicated the highest potential returns on investment in advertising can be found in this medium. At the same time, economic conditions in the United States have improved much more quickly in the past few years, finally putting the harshest issues involved in the Great Recession in the history books, but also yielding massive increases in competition across industries.

Market saturation can be a tricky matter for advertisers to field, as more competitors will almost always translate to a more difficult process of separating the brand from that of others. Although this challenge can be seen clearly in all mediums of marketing, one that is as popular and aggressively pursued as email advertising might have the most obvious complexities, and brand managers will need to navigate this landscape more often in the coming years.

A combination of best practices and the development of unique approaches to email marketing can indeed help to take a company to the next level of visibility, engagement, conversion and loyalty. Watching the successes of others can always work to inform marketers in their own responsibilities and objectives, and a couple of recent stories have brought certain best practices and winning strategies to light.

The right email marketing approach

Direct Marketing News recently explained some of the ways in which, an employment website that helps to match employers to applicants, has proven the value of email advertisingTrends for maximizing email marketing success. According to the source, this particular company has a relatively massive base of users, with 8 million job seekers, and it chose to use email as the core medium to communicate with these individuals and the employers who participate in the matching website.

One of the more impressive aspects of this particular success story is the scale of the projects involved, as the company has grown and expanded significantly in a relatively short period of time. The news provider pointed out that the firm has sent out roughly 170 million emails in the recent past, which would have been nearly impossible without a more modernized approach to content creation and delivery.

For obvious reasons, segmentation was one of the main changes that helped to ensure the massive volume of messages will be valuable and come back with returns on investment. Direct Marking News spoke to’s Deepa Miglani, vice president of marketing, about this particular topic.

“Segmenting the content, delivering the content at the frequency that makes sense for the user, and understanding that user’s need at that point in time and delivering them the appropriate content [are] key ingredient[s] in making your content customization strategy through segmentation work for you,” she told the news provider.

Trends to Maximize success

Browser Media published a post last week that dove into the concept of “human marketing,” which has become a bit more popular in email advertising circles of late and is essentially characterized by enhanced personalization. When companies are working to personalize the content involved in emails through market segmentation and analysis, scale will almost always be the trickiest matter.

However, the news provider argued that simple tactics such as requesting customers keep communication and feedback in email formats will serve the dual purpose of building up the recipient list and establishing a better understanding of each individual client’s expectations. As is the case with any best practice, though, business leaders will need to research their own target markets to figure out the personalization component of the conversation when scaling campaigns and strategies up.

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