Lessons learned from recent pursuits in email marketing

It appears as though there is no stopping email marketing when it comes to being the most effective measure to gain higher visibility in target markets and bolster conversion rates. One of the main reasons behind this is the constant change taking place within the email marketing arena, with advertisers becoming a bit more progressive, unique and creative in their campaigns, thus keeping the relatively old medium very much alive.

New studies have indicated that not only is email marketing still a highly useful tool for business leaders, but one that can yield exceptional returns on investment over time with the right strategies in place.

What’s more, it has become clear that younger generations – such as millennials, who are only a few years away from comprising the majority of the consumer market – are highly receptive to strong email ad campaigns, meaning the successes of these pursuits are sustainable.

Thanks to the advancement of reporting and analytics tools, as well as the open nature of the Internet, email marketers have a proverbial universe of insights, guidance and best practices to acquire that will help to guide their own campaigns in the right direction. One source of new information is coming from outside the private sector, but can be highly useful for any entity that embarks on one of these strategies. Email marketing stats for 2015

Presidential suite

Marketing Land recently reported that some of the more progressive email ad campaigns around today are coming from presidential candidates for the 2016 election, as the politicians begin to ramp up their personal branding initiatives far ahead of the primaries. Again, while it might not seem like the types of strategies used by politicians would be useful for business leaders, these individuals are bringing highly skilled advertisers from the private sector on board to get the job done.

According to the news provider, one study indicated that President Obama’s email ad campaign for the 2012 reelection might have been among the most successful in history, with an estimated $500 million in donations streaming through this channel. As for current takeaways, the source argued that Rand Paul has been one of the real winners, especially when it comes to scaling the recipient list to the highest possible level without simply picking names out of a hat in a blind fashion.

This is one of the more challenging aspects involved in email marketing, in that compiling a list of recipients that are indeed part of the target market is no easy task, but one that can be accomplished with the right tools and support. Marketing Land went on to affirm that Hillary Clinton’s email ad campaign might be the most effective in terms of deliverability, as her strategy had a 96 percent inbox placement rate this month.

Simple steps

It is more likely than not that the employees of these election campaigns are leveraging some of the more progressive and advanced strategies to get the job done. Business leaders should be doing the same.

A recent iMedia Connection article argued that email advertisers should be focusing on the optimization of content within the campaigns themselves, personalizing the materials as much as possible in the process. Additionally, the source suggested that workflow automation within the email ad campaign should be a priority, as this can help to improve performances over time given the enhanced access to metrics and analysis.

At the end of the day, email marketers should always work to try new things whenever possible, separating the mailings and the brand itself from those of competitors in a more consistent fashion.

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