Spring clean your email marketing strategy

Spring tends to bring out a refreshed spirit in many as people dust off the darkness of winter to celebrate new beginnings. While you get to work organizing and tidying up various aspects of your home, your life and your business, consider giving your email marketing strategy a spring cleaning too.

Here’s 3 tactics to freshen up your email marketing strategy

1. Deals, discounts and more

First and foremost, email marketing campaigns have been found to be far more effective when the recipient receives some type of incentive to open and read the content in each communication.

Remember too that segmentation and personalization are critical to maximize the positive impacts of these campaigns, meaning that loyal customers and new ones should not be receiving the same types of content, deals and incentives.

2. Make your email messages aesthetically pleasing

Visual stimulation has proven to increase engagement in a promotional email marketing strategy. Thus, images should be incorporated almost always so you’re sure to capture your subscribers’ attention.

Do not just put a low quality image of a coupon in the email though – make it pop and evoke the warm feelings that ought to be accompanying the spring weather. After all, if your emails are black and white, they might not be read all over since the recipient might find them boring or monotonous.

3. Use your strategy to generate buzz

Use your email marketing strategy to get the word out and generate buzz around your brand. What’s new in the last few months at your business? Have you purchased new equipment, hired new staff or started a new customer appreciation initiative? Tell your customers what you’ve been up to and give them a reason to pop by if they haven’t in a while.

No matter what your goals are this spring, start the season with a refreshed email marketing strategy that engages customers and boosts your company’s image.

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