What’s the big deal about email restaurant marketing?

Email marketing tips for restaurantsOf all the various marketing strategies that can be launched for eateries, email marketing has been found to be the most effective in achieving conversions. Numerous studies have also shown that email marketing delivers the best returns of any marketing outreach.

This is not to say that the average restaurant should only focus on email marketing, ruling out content, social media and other forms of advertising, but rather that they cannot forget the merits of putting some stake into the use of these highly popular and engaging communications.

Now, it is worth noting that email marketing is not necessarily an easy, cut-and-dry affair that can be managed in a flippant fashion. Instead, these programs and campaigns must be highly structured, consistent, intelligent and guided, with (obligatory shameless plug coming up) the most successful ones often managed by professionals who have experience in the best practices of email marketing.

In the restaurant industry, and especially among local, smaller establishments that target nearby consumers, email marketing can have a vastly positive impact on revenues, engagement and loyalty over time. So long as the email marketing campaign follows best practices and balances the brand objectives accordingly, chances are these efforts will be largely successful in bringing more hungry patrons into the restaurant’s booths.

Proof of email marketing value

With all of the talk that has gone into the universe of content marketing campaigns, search engine optimization and the like, email is often overlooked due to the hype of other mediums. Restaurant owners and marketers should not allow themselves to forget the value of affordable, targeted email advertising campaigns though.

VentureBeat recently reported that despite the fact that email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital advertising – finding its foundation back in the 1990s – it still offers companies the highest returns on investment out there. This is not to say that email can replace all other forms of digital advertising, but rather that it works as an exceptional sail to propel the brand’s overarching marketing strategy into more profitable waters.

According to the news provider, 91 percent – nine out of every 10 Americans – who responded to a survey stated that they do indeed enjoy receiving email marketing and promotions, especially when they carry deals and helpful information. While email marketing campaigns can certainly work in a stand-alone fashion, the source affirmed that the strategy will become far more like a glue of sorts that binds all other initiatives and efforts together.

In fact, this might be the single best way to view email marketing today – as a tool that can be used to generate more leads and engagement for other advertising pursuits, as well as a pure method of driving brand visibility and engagement.

Email Restaurant marketing implications

It goes without saying that the restaurant business is one of the more difficult to survive, as the average lifespan of a new establishment is generally shorter in this industry than others. As such, there is a distinct need for affordable and effective methods of sustaining and growing revenues in a relatively straightforward and efficient fashion.

Restaurant owners might be surprised just how quickly email marketing campaigns can begin to positively impact their bottom line, and help them to sustain growth for longer periods of time. Contact us to start sending targeted emails out to your customers today!

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