High-End Night Club Sees Measurable Results with Geo-Fencing

A NYC nightclub wanted to increase their guest count by gaining new customers from their local competitors. Our geo-fencing technology was able to help!


The owner of a high-end nightclub came to Moving Targets for help increasing the guest count and provide measurable results. The club is located outside of a major city and frequented by business travelers and locals alike. Moving Targets turned to geofencing technology in order to more precisely target their audience, track conversions, and improve overall advertising performance.


The Moving Targets team then developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing to target the two segments of guests and to then measure conversions to the advertiser’s club. The campaign was divided into two segments, one targeting local customers, the other focused on free-spending business travelers. 

Hotel guests were categorized by their star rating to generalize the check average of each guest. An increased cost per visit of a 5-star hotel guest being justified with a higher check average. Local establishments were also categorized based on being high-end such as country clubs, and top-rated, fine dining restaurants, using the same cost-per-customer visit attribution.

As the campaign delivered ads, low performing locations were removed to allow the ad spend to shift to higher performing locations. Additionally, the team was also able to further optimize target locations and blacklist certain domains mid-flight to decrease cost per visit and extend reach to the target audience.


Within three months, Moving Targets was able to deliver more than 1,857 geofence conversions meaning that, as a result of our campaign, 1,857 individuals saw an advertisement and then visited the advertiser’s nightclub. The cost to get each guest through the client’s door averaged $24.88. 

817 of those guests had not been at the establishment within the past 30 days prior to receiving the ads. 1,040 of those guests had been at the establishment prior, yet it’s 149.37% more likely the campaign encouraged a return visit sooner than had they not seen an ad (based on Geo-Lift Conversion). Of those, 186 guests had visited luxury establishments prior to visiting the club, equating them with propensities for higher check averages.

Want to see what Moving Targets’ location-based mobile advertising can do for your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started using geofencing technology to target your competitor’s customers and grow your business.

Campaign Length

3 Months

Cost Per Guest Visit


Number of Additional Guest Visits


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