Case Study: Spice Up Your Direct Mail Campaign

When paired with direct mail, Moving Targets' geofencing ads brought 308 additional customers to a restaurant within one month!
Location Based Advertising Direct Mail Case Study


Our long-time direct mail client, Victor’s Mexican Grille, was contacted by our marketing experts to see if they’d be interested in supplementing their Birthday Connections mailers with a location-based mobile display ads campaign. Victor’s three locations in Fulshear, Katy and Richmond Texas are surrounded by a plethora of popular Tex-Mex restaurants, which can make it difficult for this small family-owned and operated businesses to target potential customers who are constantly bombarded with ads from their competitors. By trusting Moving Targets to combine our geofencing technology with their already successful direct mail campaign, Victor’s Mexican Grille has become a pioneer in their industry and community with the most current and accurate marketing results available.


Everyone appreciates a good pairing, especially when it comes to Mexican food (like tacos and tequila or chips and queso) so the Moving Targets team developed a marketing strategy using two of our most popular programs. The team used geofencing to target the restaurant’s local competitors with data from Victor’s Birthday Connections mailers to target their potential and loyal customers whether they’re at home or on the go.

Victor’s competitors were identified based on their proximity to the Fulshear, Katy and Richmond locations. Richmond in particular is a big town, so we made sure to limit their competitors to within a 5-mile radius of that location so the ads were being seen by people who were most likely to convert. Moving Targets also geofenced other popular locations such as the local movie theatre, the high-end sushi restaurant and the local fitness center for those looking for a high-quality meal.

Using the combined data from the Birthday Connections direct mail campaign alongside this geofencing technology, Moving Targets was able to target Victor’s Mexican Grille’s potential and returning customers on their mobile phones, tablets and even their smart TVs at home with this new technology.

As the campaign delivered ads, low performing locations were removed to allow the ad spend to shift to higher performing locations. Additionally, the team optimized ad creative, target locations and blacklist certain domains mid-flight to decrease cost per visit and extend reach to the target audience.


Within the first month, Moving Targets was able to deliver more than 308 geofence conversions meaning that, as a result of our campaign, 308 individuals saw one of these advertisements and then visited one of Victor’s three locations. To bring each guest through Victor’s doors cost an average of $1.36, so the total campaign only cost the equivalent of 41 Jumbo Margaritas from their menu.

167 of those guests had not been at the establishment within the past 30 days prior to receiving the ads. 141 of those guests had been at the establishment prior and overall it took just under three days (2.91 on average) for someone to visit the restaurant after seeing these ads. The best part? Not only did this client receive a detailed report every week to update them on their campaign’s progress but they could actually see an increase in traffic to their restaurant and an increase in overall sales. Now that’s a lot of margaritas!

Want to see what Moving Targets’ location-based mobile advertising can do for your business? Our experts are excited to help you get started using our direct mail and geofencing technology to target your competitor’s customers and grow your business.

Number of Additional Visits


Cost Per Guest Visit


Length of time between seeing an ad and visiting

2.91 days

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