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Twitter loses more ground to social media marketing competitors

Written on 01/13/2017 by Jenna Gross, CMO

Twitter Social Media Marketing 2017

Social media marketing is still somewhat young and uncharted territory, but certain websites are dramatically increasing the potential benefits of their branding tools. Facebook, the largest one of all, has blown away the competition in many regards, and is likely to remain at the top of the market as far as social media advertising is concerned for years to come. It’s biggest, most active competitor in this arena, Twitter, has been spending plenty of money to try to catch up, but its efforts have been largely unsuccessful.

Small business owners who were thinking about launching a Twitter ad campaign might want to hold off a little longer, as it has been a rough year for the company’s advertising wing.

Major bug

AdWeek recently reported that Twitter has successfully corrected an error within its systems that provided users with inaccurately high figures regarding their ad views and performances, with several extreme examples. This type of issue is likely to yield a bit of distrust among the nation’s businesses, as inflated numbers could be interpreted as negligence at best, and purposeful impropriety at worst.

According to the news provider, some companies saw their metrics rise as high as 35 percent above the real figures, and the bug remained an issue between Nov. 7 and Dec. 12, making matters worse given the fact that it was not made public until more recently. The source noted that Facebook has had its fair share of analytics errors, but Twitter is still far behind when it comes to gaining the commitment of companies.

Fitting end to 2016

Engadget reported that Twitter had a substantially poor year, with major moves such as the elimination of Vine and an increasingly public awareness and outcry against trolls being the real highlights. Because social media marketing is already a difficult pursuit given its novelty, and the fact that certain sites like Twitter have become more volatile of late, entrepreneurs need to seriously consider the costs versus rewards of launching a campaign on the platform in the near future.

At the same time, small businesses should keep an eye on the types of adjustments Twitter makes in the new year, as the company has made it clear that it intends to eventually create a similarly powerful line of marketing ads to those of its competitor Facebook. Social media remains as one of the most powerful customer relationship and prospect targeting tools out there, and 2016 was largely a landmark year for advertising in this arena.

As such, companies need to find ways to create a winning social media plan for their specific customers and prospects as soon as possible, as these websites will continue to be major battlegrounds for many industries.