6 Reviews that are Officially Cringe Worthy

The best customer reviews

Yelp. It’s the dreaded four letter word that causes many restaurant owners to lose sleep. 95%. It’s the percentage of customers who check out your online reviews before deciding to stop by or make a purchase. One can hardly argue that avoiding Yelp and Google reviews don’t make an impact on business since 7 out of 10 consumers changed their opinion about a brand after the company replied to a review (positive or negative). Obviously, we suggest publicly responding to every review you receive, but some reviews are so ridiculous you just have to laugh before coming up with a clever response. Check out our latest chuckles:

Here are 6 of the funniest reviews we’ve encountered:

1) Sometimes you just need to get on your customer’s level, even if that means heading to Never Never Land.Funniest reviews of Google plus


2) That’s one way to complete your date with a happy ending!Funny customer reviews

3) Come hither, Matthew…

Best Yelp Reviews

4) Your customer should come before anyone else

Best customer review

5) PSA: A five-star review is a good thing!

Five star review!

6) If you want your review to be taken seriously, learn how to spell genius, “gwnius”

Customer review

How would you reply to these reviews?

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