8 of the funniest reviews & responses

Yelp. It’s the dreaded four letter word that causes many restaurant owners to lose sleep. You’d be hard pressed to find a business manager, chef or owner who would say your Yelp rating doesn’t matter. And with good reason: eighty percent of consumers have changed their minds about purchasing a product or service after reading a negative online review. We normally suggest publicly responding to every review you receive, but some reviews are so ridiculous you just have to laugh (and then post a comment).

Here are 8 of the funniest reviews we’ve encountered:

1) Sometimes you just need to get on your customer’s level, even if that means heading to Never Never Land.Funniest reviews of Google plus


2) Hearing that you’ve quenched a guest’s hunger in the barren wasteland of California will definitely bring a smile to your face.Funniest reviews of Google plus


3) Who doesn’t like beer? And who hasn’t forgotten that take-out container in the car before?

funniest reviews of Yelp

4) Every now and then, you’re going to get some hop-ons.

funniest reviews of Yelpfunniest reviews of Yelp

5) This review will give you a vivid mental image.

funniest reviews of Yelp

6) God speed.

funniest reviews of TripAdvisor

7) Take a break from that Ivy League education and grab some crack pancakes.funniest reviews of yelp


8) Tell it like it is.

funniest reviews of yelp

What’s the funniest review your business has received?

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