Boost Your Reputation With Help From Your Regulars

Love ’em or hate ’em, online reviews are more important than ever. Today’s constantly connected consumers judge you before ever setting foot inside your business, and if your reviews are mostly negative, you could be losing tons of potential customers without even knowing it. Combat this by asking loyal customers to leave you reviews. Happy regulars will want to help bolster your reputation, so let them!

Here are four tactics we suggest to business owners who want to encourage customers to leave more reviews and improve your online reputation:

  1. Email: You do have an email list, right? Send out a quick email with links to your listings and ask customers to review your business.
  2. Social Media: Create a post on Facebook, Twitter or other content site, asking fans to take a moment to review your business. Once you’ve collected enough positive reviews, you could even spotlight extra-positive reviews once or twice a month. It’s a great way to not only show off the good things people are saying about you, but also entice more fans to review you as well.
  3. Graphic Design: Don’t forget to promote your review platforms at your business location! Create flyers or table tents with links to your review sites, include review site icons on your menu and business cards or hand out flyers as a take-home reminder.
  4. Contests: Although you can’t reward people for leaving positive reviews (it’s against Yelp’s guidelines), you can run contests on your social media pages where you choose a winner from anyone who reviewed you that month.

(This post was referenced in our Mega Minute pilot.)

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