5 ways to use Facebook to grow your business

5 Ways to use Facebook to grow your business

Your business may have a social media presence, but are you an effective Facebook marketer? The goal of social media marketing isn’t just to generate likes and fans, but to convert those fans to paying guests. When business owners understand that social media is more than where their kids spend too much time or something they are tired of hearing they should be doing, they can leverage it to generating sales in real life, and in real-time. Obtaining measurable results requires a strategy and serious know-how.

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook to grow your business, courtesy of our digital marketing strategists.

Upload your mailing list to Facebook. If you’re looking to build upon existing leads, you can  add a custom audience and upload your mailing list directly to Facebook, enabling you to target users you have an existing relationship with. Taking advantage of the custom audiences feature often increases ad conversion rates. You can upload a mailing list or list of cell phone numbers. Just click “Create New Audience” in the Audiences section.

On a similar note…

Integrate, integrate, integrate: Facebook is great because it works so well with so many different platforms. Consider this: You paid a lot of money to have a website built for your business, but you’re not sure what it’s actually doing for you. Create a ‘Website Clicks’ ad that drives customers to your website, where they’ll be able to check out your menu, the services you offer, hours of operation, and so on. Now you can use Facebook’s tracking pixel to track the people who visit your site and engage them at a later date. Looking to build that mailing list? Use that audience of website visitors to increase email subscriptions by targeting users who are already familiar with your business. Your website has just become your best email marketing tool.

Alex Beard, Digital Marketing Strategist

Use Direct Mail to Increase your Social Presence: Direct mail, aside from direct redemptions, has always been a monster to track. With the Facebook Tracking Pixel, you can now double your direct mail effectiveness. Instead of the standard tear off coupon, direct your mail recipients to a coupon-landing page that you’ve placed a Facebook pixel on. This allows you to not only track physical redemptions, but also the general interest in your brand, which will tell you whether or not you should send to those recipients again. On top of that, you could send a follow up offer on Facebook, to those same people, and increase your chances of a redemption and a lifetime customer all in one.

Ian Repko, Marketing Solutions Director

Short, witty, and to the point: Lead gen ads are a great way to collect information from customers, whether you are asking them to sign up for you email list or getting them to participate in a promotion you having going on. But how can you capture your customers’ attention in such a small amount of space? Get witty with the wording you choose in the headline. Keep it brief, yet eye catching, while getting your message across. You don’t want the ad to be too wordy as you’ll easily lose potential customers.

Shannon Jester, Digital Marketing Strategist

Video is on Top: Many small business owners struggle with the balancing act of engaging customers while increasing sales. As a marketer, it’s important to take an extra minute to scrutinize your messaging to ensure that the advertisements you’re producing are adding value to the newsfeed, not just throwing another sales pitch into the void. The easiest way to do this is with a short and snappy 15-second motion graphic video that introduces your brand to a new audience of fans. Choose the “video views” objective in the Power Editor with your pre-defined demographics and interest lists. After your first video ad runs, pay close attention to the average percentage of a video viewed. If you aren’t keeping a solid number of users 75 percent of the way through, something needs to be adjusted. Take it a step further in your next campaign with retargeting; you can create an audience of people who have already watched your videos, further influencing their buying decisions.

Christa Vohs, Marketing Solutions Director



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