Case Study: Be On the Look Out for Bolo’s Bar & Grill

Bolo's Bar & Grill had some serious backing from their community but needed to breathe new life into their marketing strategy online, see how Moving Targets helped!
Social Media Marketing Case Study


It’s no surprise that a hometown bar and grill would have solid backing from its loyal community on social media.  Bolo’s, a client who has been with us since 2012, is that kind of place where “everybody knows your name” and then some. Knowing Bolo’s audience was easy but it was obvious that Moving Targets had to breathe new life into their stale market by redesigning their Facebook and Google strategy.


Our first step in creating a fan-centered experience for Bolo’s Facebook page was designing a simple way for fans to engage with the overall vibe of this hometown bar. These black and white Bolo’s quotes were not only a creative favorite for our content team but these contrasting quotes also caught the eye of anyone scrolling through their news feed.  

Our second step in creating an engaging and consistent presence for Bolo’s was finding a consistent place for their customers to reach them. Since Bolo’s does not have a website, it was imperative that we took advantage of all that their Google My Business page had to offer. Literally. Our team designed Google Offers based on Bolo’s regularly scheduled promos such as $5 Bloody Marys on Sundays and Taco Tuesday specials. It was immediately obvious that fans of Bolo’s were actively searching for more info on Google. For example, within ten days of creating their Free Pool on Sunday offer, it reached 148 views and gained popularity within the Spokane Valley. These offers and events on Google were also a great way for us to cross-post with Facebook for overall brand consistency.


Embracing their laid back vibe,  we found that Bolo’s followers were engaging with their consistently cheeky quotes. We then decided to give the customers more opportunities to share why they love Bolo’s and continue coming back to their neighborhood bar. For example, using the same branding that was used for their quotes, we asked their Facebook followers to share their favorite memory that took place at Bolo’s. Within 17 hours, the post received 22 comments (and growing!) and reached 740 people.  Not only did this post allow for customers to share their experience but it also welcomed potential customers to see why it’s a bar worth trying!

In addition to an increase in content engagement, Bolo’s page-likes increased from 2,929 to 3,154 in a manner of 90 days. With this following in addition to increased brand awareness on their Google My Business page, we’re excited to see Bolo’s growth in the Spokane Valley for years to come.

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