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Video marketing stats 2015Be it because of the less-than-desirable statistics regarding social media’s ability to help companies improve visibility and convert new prospects, or the constant transformations that have taken place in this young market, various websites and platforms are beginning to progress a bit more quickly. Rather than only acting as a strong foundation atop which existing customer relationships can be improved and strengthened, social media websites appear to be making vast changes to increase their power as pure marketing tools.

Social media marketing remains a critical aspect of branding and content sharing, and this will always be the case regardless of which types of strategies a business has. However, despite how easily one can draw the connection between the use of social media for pure advertising and prospect conversions, this has really not been a common or popular approach to marketing thus far.

With competition heating up between the various social media giants for the admiration and acceptance of small business marketers, this is all about to change, and likely to the advantage of entrepreneurs. Affordable and powerful advertising tools through more novel social media marketing channels will certainly help boost visibility and conversions so long as the providers are making the right changes in stride.

Evolution of online: Video is top priority 

Top Tech News recently reported that major social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter appear to be moving their strategies in the direction of video-centric platforms and capabilities. This is not a completely strange move that is unique to social media – not in the slightest – as content marketing has also begun to evolve in this way throughout the past few years, and consumers respond increasingly well to these visual ads.

According to the news provider, Facebook has already helped to make the process a bit easier for advertisers, and some of the largest brands in the world have begun to publish video content on their pages with some success.

“These (social media) companies went from just talking about or lightly testing video to deploying it in a pretty big way,” eMarketer senior research analyst Paul Verna told the source. “There’s kind of a perfect storm now of consumer behavior, technology, development and content availability.”

In terms of the bigger picture, Top Tech News pointed out that video advertising spend is expected to reach $7.77 billion in 2015, or roughly 30 percent more than what was recorded only a year ago. Suffice it to say that video is likely the fastest-growing segment of the marketing realm today, and social media will almost certainly act as a central and popular platform through which this content will be shared with consumers.

Small-business owners who have not yet embarked upon a video marketing strategy should certainly consider doing so soon, as failure to embrace this type of content could quickly lead to poor brand stature.

Other social media advertising considerations

While video is likely to be the hottest news in social media marketing for years to come, plenty of other changes have been made to best practices and techniques to excel. For example, the ways in which companies participate in conversations with customers and prospects through social media need to be modernized and progress past the point of the common strategies of the past.

The use of social media marketing for prospect conversion, visibility and sustained loyalty will only become more important as the major websites running these channels make changes to their systems. Keeping up with transformations, as a result, will be critical to maintaining a competitive edge in this rapidly changing arena.

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