Facebook introduces post drafts and other social media news

Social media changes every day. Here are some important updates you need to know about…

Facebook introduces post drafts
[Photo source: allfacebook.com]

Facebook introduces post drafts

They have started to allow Page Admins to save drafts of their posts, a great feature for pages with more than one administrator. All posts can now be saved as drafts, edited and posted whenever you like. You can access this new feature by clicking on the toggle button next to the Post button. You can view drafts in the Activities section of the Facebook Admin panel.

Twitter revamped its business website to help businesses maximize their marketing efforts. The site is a collection of FAQs, covering information such as how to create a  better Twitter presence, how to grow a follower base and how to use Twitter ads. You can check it out here.

Facebook launched Rooms, a new iOS app where Facebook users can create forums and invite friends to discuss any topic. Users can post photos, videos and texts. Real names are not required to join a room – users can even have different usernames for each room they are part of.

Google began testing a new search layout on mobile devices. Mirroring Google’s latest system update (Pigeon), the new design favors local reviews and directory sites. The search results also have a new look, and the organic results are only visible if you scroll down. Predictably, Google is placing more importance on Google Plus pages as well.

Snapchat ads went live just a couple of weeks after being announced. The ads will appear in the Recent Updates section, and users can choose whether or not to view them. Regardless, the ads will disappear from the app after 24 hours.

Groupon launched Pages, a business directory where customers can find information and reviews about local businesses. Businesses can claim their pages, share photos or deals and reply to customers in real time. Only Groupon-verified users can leave reviews.

Vine updated its iOS app and introduced new features. Users can now follow channels and share videos from Vine to the camera roll or other apps.

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