Facebook’s click-bait posts crackdown and more changes for small businesses

Facebook's click-bait posts crackdown and more changes for small businessesFacebook’s latest announcement is that they’ll be changing how it shows promotional content in the News Feed, saying that “Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.” Facebook is asserting that businesses that only push for sales (e.g., “come in and try X” or “call us for an appointment today”) on their pages, instead of trying to build a community around their fans, will, overall, be less visible (organically, at least).

What that means for you is that posting creative, engaging content will be more important than ever, click-bait posts will not be shown as readily.

Facebook has been cracking down on memes and click-bait posts as well, so it’s getting more and more difficult for time-strapped business owners to bootstrap their own successful social media strategy.

You can read the release here: http://on.fb.me/11cJMb9. The changes are slated to begin in January.

Here’s an analysis of the announcement and expected consequences, if you’d like more info: http://bit.ly/1qO3CAh.

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