Google introduces Fan Funding and other social media news

Social media changes every day. Here are some important updates you need to know about…

Google Fan FundingGoogle introduced Fan Funding for YouTube.

This new feature allows fans to use their Google Wallet to donate to their favorite YouTube channels. The feature is in beta test, but YouTube channel owners can participate by filling out this form. To help promote the new feature, Google is providing a Fan Funding Card and support button that can be added to YouTube channel homepages.

Facebook changed the News Feed algorithm (again).

This time, Facebook’s goal is to improve timeliness. According to the company, two things will determine what posts will be shown to a user: trending topics and when likes/comments occur. If a post has information relating to a trending topic, it’s more likely that Facebook will show that post. In addition, instead of using just the total number of likes and comments to determine a post’s popularity, Facebook will now look at the timestamp of likes and comments too. All changes are being made to ensure more relevant content is delivered to the user.

Facebook is testing a verified mark within comments so verified profiles are more visible.

Verified profiles were launched last May and are only available for celebrities and public figures.

Facebook launched Facebook Media, a resource for media outlets that will feature the Facebook success stories of public figures and media organizations.

This channel will also be used to highlight its features and teach best practices across the community.

Facebook is testing the ability to search posts.Twitter feed animated

This would allow users to search their own posts as well as ones made by friends, pages they like or groups they joined. The search permits multiple keywords and shows different types of results. This feature is only available on the Facebook mobile version for select iPhone users.

Twitter updated profiles on its iPhone app.

The new Twitter profile features a fresher design that focuses on users’ bios, tweets and photos. Bios now appear on the homepage, and the timeline has three areas: tweets, photos and favorites. Twitter is calling it “the biggest update to date.” They expect to add more features in the near future to take advantage of iOS 8 (which will allow users to interact directly from the notifications instead of having to go to the app).

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