Restaurants can thrive with social media

Becoming a social media presence means different things to different types of businesses, namely because each has its own objectives and needs. Restaurants are typically searching for loyal diners who will both return several times themselves and promote the eatery to their own social groups. As the owner of one of these businesses, you’re no doubt trying to find technological advantages and best practices that will make this connection happen. Fortunately, progress has been swift over the past few years and the options on the market are better now than at any time in the past. It’s time to put these tools to use so your marketing starts off on the right foot in 2015.

It's possible for social media marketing through Facebook to enhance the way your restaurant reaches customers.
It’s possible for social media marketing through Facebook to enhance the way your restaurant reaches customers.

Exploring Facebook’s great potential

Its huge user base makes Facebook a great target for companies eager to market through social media. A Business 2 Community blog post by marketing expert Chris Moreno recently delved into the process of becoming visible on this popular platform.

    • Granular targeting: Casting a wide net on social media may be a bad idea. Moreno played up the personal aspect of these platforms and specified that restaurateurs buying ad space on Facebook should ensure they only reach those in their geographic area. This is just common sense, as these individuals are your likely customer base.


    • Getting a return on investment: Social media accounts are often free, and even paid ads on these platforms compare favorably to media such as television. Moreno explained that there have been several studies conducted on how effective these ads are, revealing good news for your marketing hopes: Click-through rate and return on investment proved high.


  • Your audience is here: Moreno also explained that no matter who you’re hoping to reach with your ads, they likely have Facebook pages. He stated the current total user base of the network is over 1.3 billion worldwide. Wherever you call home, your constituency is likely among that sizable population.

Insights beyond the social media basics

What do you really know about your customer base? This knowledge could grow by leaps and bounds if you make Facebook one of your marketing tools. A recent Econsultancy blog post explained that the engine behind Facebook marketing profiles allows you to learn high-level insights about any subscriber base over 1,000. Learning there are many mobile device users in your segment may change the way you sell, as might the revelation that your patrons are either older or younger than you deduced on your own. Facebook can both help you relay messages to your customers and tell you more about those individuals’ personal preferences.

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