Twitter launches an interactive guide and other social media news

Social media changes every day. Here are some important updates you need to know about…

Twitter launched an interactive guide for small businesses.

The first step is to choose between “I don’t get Twitter,” “I get Twitter but need to create a strategy” or “I know Twitter basics but want to take my marketing to the next level.” Once you choose an option, the guide will direct you through ideas and tools you can use to take advantage of the social network.

Facebook acquired Pryte, a mobile data startup.

Pryte is an app that measures user’s mobile actions in real-time – very useful data for businesses trying to reach customers through mobile marketing. The acquisition proves that Facebook has bigger plans for its advertising tools and is concerned about helping businesses reach the right customers.

Yelp decided to add a video feature that will allow users to post a video review.

Videos will be between 3-12 seconds long, and the famous Yelp filter will determine their order on the pages. This new feature will be rolled out in early June to the Elite group before being made available for everyone.

Pinterest made “do-it-yourself” promoted pins.

You need to get on the waiting list to use the new feature, and they’ll let you know when it’s available to you. Payment will be on a cost-per-click basis, and it is not known how you’ll be able to target your audience. If you have products that are visually appealing, this could be a great way to reach more customers.

Facebook has started featuring reviews more prominently on business pages in an effort to compete with Yelp and give users even more reasons to use the social network.

Last week, Facebook added a menu feature, and now the site is showing a bigger review box in the newly re-designed page (and on the mobile app). Pages will have a summary of reviews on the top left-hand side that cannot be deleted or changed. Also, the new page has a reviews section that cannot be deleted (you can only change its position on the page).


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