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Marketing Case Study
Case Study: Independence Charter Academy: A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy
Prior to using Moving Targets’ services, Independence Charter Academy owned an outdated website, a Facebook page with little engagement, and no content or email marketing strategy. See how we helped increase their brand awareness online and increase student enrollment!
Skindustry Expo Case Study
Skin in the Game : A Digital Marketing Case Study
The Skindustry Expo, hosting its 12th annual tattoo convention, wanted to increase attendance for their event in two months. See how we did it!
Social Media Case Study - Plumeria by Stacks
Stacking Up The Results: Social Media Marketing Case Study
Plumeria Cafe by Stacks needed to build a following online and Moving Targets was able to help by using targeted social media advertising.
Homestyle Cooking available at Jim's
Case Study: Jim’s Restaurants Serving Southern Hospitality in the Digital Age
Jim’s Restaurants sought to capture business from new movers in the area. Using Moving Targets' direct mail solution, Jim's saw a huge return on investment.
Seven Corners Sunoco : A Digital Marketing Case Study
Seven Corners Sunoco enlisted the help of Moving Targets to bring their website and Facebook page up to date. Check out their results two months later!
Sysco Las Vegas Case Study
Diving into Digital with Sysco Foods: A Social Media Marketing Case Study

The Business Resource Team at the Sysco Las Vegas branch wanted to use popular social media platforms such as Facebook to build a stronger online presence and gain more followers.

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