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Get your message seen by the right people, at the right time! We handle all of your direct mail needs: creating mailing lists, designing and copywriting, custom offers, printing, postage and mailing.

There are no hidden fees and we never charge for changes!

Direct Mail Marketing Programs for Small Business


Our most popular program! Welcome new community members with an individual mail piece that stands-out (and doesn’t get lost in the “pack”.) Keep your brand top of mind as movers look for businesses near their new home.

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Give a reason to celebrate with an exclusive offer for customers to drive traffic and increase sales. Using our birthday data, we target customers to promote your business and offer. 

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Create your own custom mailing list based on your ideal customer. We offer an extensive list of filters and screens to help target just the right person.

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For an extra boost to your direct mail campaign, pair any program with geofencing for an increase in messaging frequency without the waste of digital ad spend. 

How it works:

Determine your target audience.

Our Marketing Consultants will work with you to pick your designated mailing area and ideal consumer. We can target customers based on:
  • Income Level
  • Age
  • House Type
  • Gender
  • Car make/model
  • and much more!

Create a compelling custom mailer.

We will take your branding and create a custom mailer that will capture the attention of your ideal customer.

Want to make a change after we mail? No problem! You can make changes at any time at no additional cost.

Mail to new customers every month.

There is beauty in simplicity and this program really is “set it and forget it”. We’ll be targeting new customers in your area every month and will never go over your predetermined budget. All you have to do is enjoy your new customers.

Direct Mail Format Options


6″x11″ Full-color Postcards

Custom-designed 6”x11” postcards containing up to 5 offers to incentivize your audience to try your business. Mailing names and addresses are included in your price. Our advanced mailing filters allow you to target the exact customers that you’re looking for, including demographic data such as age, household size, or income as well as exclusive industry-specific screens. 


Single or Double-Sided Letters

We’ll introduce your business to new prospects via a personalized 8.5”x14” letter in a windowed envelope with a detachable offer of your choice. Include specific targeting screens such as age, income and type of housing to ensure you’re getting in front of the right customers.

Want to include a menu or additional coupon offers? Double-sided printing is available to make the most of your letter.

There are no monthly minimums with this program – you can mail as many or as few as you want!

Greeting Cards

6″x9″ Cards

Greeting Cards are a perfect way to gift your audience a custom 6”x9” greeting card to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, new residents, or anything else you can think of!

These are personalized messages to potential customers that contain a detached offer of your choice to compel recipients to patronize your business. Include specific targeting screens such as age, income and type of housing to ensure you’re getting in front of the right customers.

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