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email campaigns.

Sending an email is one of the most personal ways in which you can connect with your customers. A strong email marketing strategy can instill trust and loyalty within your customers.

When a customer allows you to use the same means of communication that some of their closest friends and family members use, they are openly saying, ‘I trust your business.’

Giving someone access to your personal email address is an intimate social transaction, which is what makes email a powerful tool. It’s also the reason why real email marketing isn’t easy.

Our email customers average


higher open rates than industry averages.

It is very easy to lose subscribers after just one poorly received marketing email.

Anyone can send an email but it takes an expert to create a professional email marketing campaign that gets noticed and encourages your customers to take action.

At Moving Targets, we build branded email campaigns to help you achieve specific goals you’ve set up for your company. You’ll work directly with a personal email strategist who’s an expert on subject lines, email design, optimal send times and industry benchmarks so that your email campaigns create loyal, life-long customers.

But enough about what we do…

Create loyal life-long customers.

Engage your customers with timely, personal emails to build brand loyalty.

Our approach


We’ll learn about your goals.
Our mission at this time is to learn all about your business and discover what you hope to achieve by implementing an email marketing program. Whether you’re starting with zero contacts or ten thousand, we can determine the best strategy for your email program based on what you hope to achieve for your business.


We’ll devise a plan of attack.
We’ll create a 90 day goal based on what you’ve told us about your business. Then, your email strategist will start to create custom materials for your program, such as collection cards, online sign-up forms and email designs, so that you’re ready to engage with your customers at every stage of the buying process. All of these materials will be sent to you for approval so that the designs feel authentic to you.


We’ll take action.
We’ll develop a schedule for the launching of your marketing emails and setup any automated email triggers we’ve built-in to your custom plan. This is also where we’ll start the ongoing process of analysis – measuring our results and revising our strategy based on any trends we’re seeing.


We’ll show you results.
After we’ve successfully launched a few email campaigns, we’ll take a look at your average open rates and click-through statistics and talk to you about the amount of customer engagement you’ve seen since you started sending emails with us. If necessary, we’ll discuss optimization to ensure you’re getting the best results from each email campaign.  

Easy + Effective
Email Marketing

Depending on your particular goals, there are a few ways that in which we can help your business grow using email marketing. Here are some of the services we have to offer.

reach customers with email

Email campaigns

We’ll encourage your customers to take action using custom email promotions.

Email campaigns enable you to provide your customers with special offers, information about new products and help you increase website and social media traffic. Your strategist will work with you to develop a strategy for engaging your customers on a semi-regular basis with fully-customized email campaigns that are designed with your goals in mind.


We’ll engage your customers with custom email newsletters.

Monthly newsletters keep your business in the front of your customers’ minds and are a great way to encourage recurring business. Through your insight, your strategist and our team of copywriters will develop interesting articles to send to your customers each month, all housed within a customized, branded design created from scratch by your strategist.

List growth

We’ll increase the number of people on your customer email list.

We’ll encourage people who may be interested in your company to sign up for your email list using targeted social media advertising and a free sign up form embedded on your website. We’ll also provide you with customized collection cards to keep in your business so customers who visit can subscribe to your emails in person. 

Email automation

We’ll set-up email triggers that send to your customers automatically.

We’ll create trigger emails that your customers receive on key life-events, like birthdays and anniversaries or when they perform a specific action. These types of emails allow you to automatically remarket your products based on your customers’ activity and contact them with thoughtful messages when annual milestones occur.

Database management

We’ll maintain a quality customer email database for your business.

Your email marketing strategist will ensure that your database is kept clean and you’ll be able to add new customer email addresses whenever you want. We’ll also implement custom segments for your list, if applicable, which will allow you to create specific messages tailored to fit your customers’ needs.

Campaign analysis

We’ll provide you with statistics to tell you how your email campaigns perform.

You’ll receive statistics and analysis regularly from your strategist so that you are aware of how your email campaigns are performing. Your strategist will provide you with campaign statistics, industry benchmarks, and their recommendations to improving your response rates. If applicable, their opinion on how they think we can improve your response rates.
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