Geofencing ads deliver
, not just clicks.

Reach your ideal customers based on where they go and the things they enjoy. With two types of geofencing campaigns, we can target your customers effectively with real tangible results (more visits to your business)!

What is location-based geofencing?

Geofencing builds a “virtual wall” around a specified location, allowing highly-targeted digital ads to be delivered to your potential customers. Do you want to reach customers based on where they shop, places they like to eat, go to school, or events they attend? Geofencing can do that!

The best part? We’ll provide you with how many people walked into your business as a result of seeing these ads so you’ll be able to easily and accurately measure your return on marketing investment.

What is addressable geofencing?

Addressable takes the idea of geofencing and places that “virtual wall” around a home residence paired with a direct mail campaign. This allows for an increase in messaging frequency without the waste of traditional digital ad spend. Let us create a custom audience profile based on a variety of filters and send message to their home and favorite websites.

You receive the same great reporting as with geo-fencing so you can measure your return on investment.

Moving Targets results show that customers are


more likely to visit in store after seeing an ad.

How geofencing works

Many of the apps on your phone transmit your location: some when you are using them (like maps) and others are constantly sending your location (like weather). When a mobile phone user steps within the defined coordinates of the virtual wall, we can place an ad in front of them, immediately or in a delayed timeframe, depending on what works best for your business.

A potential customer enters the geofenced location with a mobile device.

GPS technology captures their mobile ID.

The potential customer opens a browser or app on that mobile device.

The potential customer sees your ad on over 600,000 apps and websites.

Location-based technology opens up a world of possibilities for getting new customers with geofencing. Geofencing has been around for about ten years but, until recently, this technology was only available to larger brands and companies that could afford to spend $20,000 per month on advertising.

These days, local businesses with a much smaller budget can use the same powerful technology by working directly with Moving Targets.


Customizable Location-Based Advertising

We’ll draw virtual boundaries around individual buildings and locations that your target audience visits. This enables you to have stronger engagement possibilities and more accurately display your ads to relevant people.

Want to target students?
We can geo-fence the university.

Want to target shoppers?
Geo-fence the mall.

Want to target families with kids?
Geo-fence the park and community athletic fields.

Does everyone love your business?
Geo-fence people who drive down the street where you’re located.

Learn how we can help boost your business today!