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As social networks and search engines clamp down on racy content, it takes a special kind of marketer to raise your prospects’ heart rates without raising red flags. We get it, your particular industry has some very unique marketing challenges that most marketing companies can’t overcome. That’s why we promote clubs on sites beyond the basics of Facebook and Instagram – running ads that not only get approved but generate more guest visits, more private dances, and more money.

Social Media is a great way to not only engage your fans but more importantly, drive guests into your club. Your clienteles’ newsfeed is virtually untapped potential and direct source of cash flow. However, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t the only ways to promote your club online.

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See how we can drive traffic to your club.

Strip Club Marketing
Location-Based Mobile Advertising

We’ll provide a unique opportunity to address a common marketing goal: to conquer competitors. Using geofencing technology, we target your ideal customers based on the places they visit. By building a “virtual wall” around specific locations, we can seduce your rival’s patrons with targeted ads to bring them into your club for their next night out.

The best part? We’ll provide you with how many people walked into your club as a result of seeing these ads, so it’s easy to measure an accurate return on your marketing investment.

Strip Club Marketing
Pandora / Spotify

Audio ads capture attention in a world where people are often multi-tasking but are always connected. Digital audio advertisements are a cost-effective alternative to “traditional” radio placements that give marketers the ability to reach a much younger, more targeted audience. By using personal music experience platforms such as Spotify and Pandora, we’ll foster a quality advertising environment where we’ll help you make meaningful connections with your audience.

Similar to other digital platforms, you can target your audience using the platforms’ first-party demographic and behavioral segments. With Spotify and Pandora ads, we can see what works and what doesn’t, and make data-driven decisions so your message can break through the clutter.

Strip Club Marketing
Email Marketing

While many club owners are busy figuring out their best social media strategy, others are focusing their efforts on email marketing. Email puts your club in sight and keeps you on your guests’ minds regularly. It also serves as the easiest way to build a list of your customers, all of whom receive your marketing voluntarily. Email marketing has the highest return on investment of all local marketing tactics, and businesses that integrate email into their marketing processes stand to gain double to triple the fans on social media within two months.

club marketing website

A quality website is essential for all businesses; clubs are no exception. When someone’s looking for a night out and Google “Clubs Near Me” - chances are, they’re going with one of the first results that pop-up. If they come across a website with broken links, old photos - or one that loads slowly and not mobile-friendly, then you may be turning off potential customers away without even knowing it. Small details signal that you care or don’t — and subconsciously instill notions about the quality of your club and entertainers.

Digital marketing tactics can be used to direct people to your club and allow guests to purchase tickets for upcoming events, booking VIP services, and parties. Not only does your website allow you to build credibility and authority, but it also helps you set yourself apart from the competition. If they have a great website and you don’t, then you immediately just lost a customer determining which club they want to visit.

Start increasing visits to your club today!

These are just a few tactics to promote a club effectively through digital marketing. The return on investment for staying up to date with the most effective tools is immeasurable. The benefit to your club is potentially endless.

It’s critical you convey a sophisticated, yet sensuous environment while always remaining within the guidelines of the social platforms. We’re all visual creatures, and we will make your club look great. It keeps things fresh and makes your club outstanding.

We can also advertise your club on Snapchat, Eventful, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, Patch and more. We understand your marketing challenges and have a proven solution, specializing in clubs and their success.

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