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At Moving Targets, we work to gain a deep understanding of your restaurant and your guests to create campaigns that captivate audiences, incite action and drive results.

We find the people that you should be talking to and deliver your marketing message to them at the perfect time, allowing you to gain new customers, build meaningful relationships, and strengthen customer loyalty, leading to increased profits.

Since 1992, Moving Targets has helped thousands of restaurants gain a competitive advantage by becoming an extension of their team. Let us handle your marketing … so you can handle your restaurant.


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Most restaurants struggle to cost-effectively get their message heard by the right audience. Today’s constantly-connected consumers build relationships on their own terms, so it’s important for you to meet them where they’re ready to interact with your business.

Successful restaurants achieve this by hiring their own team of marketers to execute digital and direct mail marketing campaigns. Most companies think they can’t afford or don’t have the in-house expertise to do this. Enter: Moving Targets.

As a full-service marketing agency, we can provide fully-customized marketing campaigns tailored to your brand, including, direct mail, email marketing, social media advertising, PPC and website development, enabling your restaurant to thrive.

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