Helping businesses grow since 1992.

Moving Targets is a direct marketing agency located in Perkasie, Pennsylvania specializing in direct mail, email, social media, web design and pay per click advertising. Our purpose is to help businesses of all sizes connect with their customers across several different platforms.

We work with clients on a one-to-one basis, providing them with their own personal team of marketers to execute branded marketing campaigns.

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Our founders.

The founders of Moving Targets, Jay Siff and Stu Duckman, met at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After college, they went into business together and experienced extensive success in the automotive industry. These business endeavors include a VW Beetle restoration business, a grey market exotic auto business called Orion Motors, and a Chevrolet dealership.

After more than a decade of hands-on experience within the automotive industry, the duo identified a universal challenge that limited ongoing success for all retailers: customer churn.

This term refers to the phenomenon in which customers abandon a particular product or service regardless of its quality and at no fault of the business. This became an issue that they set-out to solve. They eventually came to the conclusion that they could successfully minimize the negative impact of customer churn by engaging individuals and families that had recently moved into their town. Thus, Moving Targets was born.

Moving Targets today.

Since 1992, Jay and Stu have been empowering businesses with unique print (and later digital) marketing campaigns that engage, gain and retain customers. They’ve also maintained a firm belief that businesses of all sizes and budgets should have these marketing tools at their disposal.

Today, our team of experts thrive on information and embrace the fact that marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. A fundamental value that we encourage all Moving Targets employees to embrace is the idea that we should be constantly trying to improve upon our products and services.

Because marketing is constantly evolving, we try to facilitate a work environment that welcomes new ideas and ongoing training. All of our digital and print strategists are HubSpot Inbound certified and stay up to date on innovations and trends that emerge within the marketing world so that we can better serve our clients.

Jay Siff and Stu Duckman