Moving Targets, the first agency to leverage direct mail with social tactics and guarantee your return on investment.

Response rates soar from the synergistic combination of direct and digital advertising. Digital advertising delivers branded messages with greater frequency to targeted audiences using the same demographic and behavioral data as your direct mail campaign. We use your advertising redemptions to measure your return on investment.

How can we offer a guarantee, and exactly how does it work?marketing that makes bank

We engineer a six-month strategic marketing plan based on the most accurate direct mail databases in the U.S. and then expertly manage your email and social advertising to ensure you get results that you can take to the bank.

All advertising is measurable, yet redeemed direct mail certificates are 100% trackable.  So we use your redeemed offers and our twenty plus years of industry knowledge to calculate your profits.

The question to answer is not what it costs you, since we publish all of our prices, but what profit it produces over time.

If the lifetime expected profits from your campaign do not exceed your total marketing expense with Moving Targets after six months, we will work for you, for free, for two additional months.

$288 spent on our direct mail marketing program in one month earns $3,867 over 7 years*

• That is a 904% return on just one month’s marketing expense
• That $288 marketing expense delivers a 39% annualized return over 7 years

Guaranteed Marketing: Lifetime customer value example

*Restaurant Example

100 letters bring 10 prospects

• You spend $188 (100 letters x $1.88)
• You gift $100 (10 entrees x $10)
Your total monthly expense: $288

3 out of 10 become lifetime customers

• Profits from 1 lifetime customer = $1,289
• Profits from 3 lifetime customers = $3,867

Guaranteed Marketing: Prospects who redeem certificates