Is your marketing working?

Measuring your return on investment is simple. Yet, it is one of the most commonly overlooked tactics to evaluate your marketing strategy. In order to use your marketing budget wisely, you should be tracking the amount of business that is generated by each dollar you spend.

Direct mail and email provide an easy way to measure this return because you can simply keep track of the number of certificates redeemed. Once you have this information, your Return On Investment (or ROI) is just a few calculations away.

Below are several easy-to-use calculators for both direct mail and email marketing.  Please feel free to reach out if you would like any assistance.

Direct Mail ROI Calculator
# Certificates mailed Example: 100
# Certificates redeemed Example: 15
Cost of each piece mailed Example: $1.88 $
Cost of product given per customer Example: $10 $
# Customers made from redeemed certificates Example: 2
Avg customer lifetime worthExample: $1706 $
Your total investment (dollars spent)
Return on investment as $
Return on investment as %  %
Email ROI Calculator
# Email certificates sent Example: 833    
# Emails redeemed Example: 63    
Cost of email broadcastExample: $49 $    
Total sales generatedExample: $1449 $    
Cost of goodsExample: $579 $    
Return on investment as $ (gross profit) $    
Return on investment as %  %
% Email certificates redeemed  %
Customer Lifetime Value Calculator
Typical sale to a customer Example: $47 $
Typical repeat customer visits in 1 year Example: 28
Typical length of your relationship with customer (years) Example: 7
Your net profit margin on goods and services (%) Example: 25% %
Typical lifetime revenue from a customer $
Lifetime customer net profit $