Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

Get about 15% response.

Dobb's Country Kitchen Brian Hinkley, Owner Hallstead, PA January 1, 1970

Thank you for all your help! I am extremely grateful to be working with such a great team.

Sarah Parvin Foundation Sandy Parvin, President Quakertown, PA January 1, 1970

We love it... get so many responses from that program. At least one but typically several new customers in our shop a week. By far worked better for us than any other marketing program we have tried... exceeded our expectations.

Imports Plus Automotive Ginny Brewer, Office Manager Columbus, OH January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has hands down been my biggest bang for my buck. I have made many long-term loyal customers just by inviting them to check out my business with a free service...They take initiative

Martin Automotive Randy Martin, Owner Washington, IL January 1, 1970

We have tried several different marketing tools over the last couple of years and the one that we see the most response from is Moving Targets!!!

Westlake Auto and Tire LLC Michael Thyen, Owner Denver, NC January 1, 1970

We have an average monthly redemption rate of 19% and 76% of that clientele comes in with a party of 2-6 people. Not only do we build the sales, traffic, and goodwill, the promotion is instantly profitable. The added bonus is that each program is turn-key. An easy setup, and then it runs automatically!

Frontier Enterprises Dennis Greenia, CMO San Antonio, TX January 1, 1970

See a consistent flow of new customers... most of the people who come in with the coupon end up being regular long-term customers with multiple vehicles. These people recommend us to their friends and family thus bringing us even more business. This is the best deal for the least amount of money and works to create new customers.

A-1 Auto Center LLC Shawn Douton, Owner Niantic, CT January 1, 1970

We have been partnered with moving targets for years. Over the years we have landed scores of repeat loyal customers. I couldn't imagine trying to get new customers on a daily basis without these guys.

McDonnell's Automatic Transmission Specialists Aden McDonnell, Owner Livingston, MT January 1, 1970

I have been using the birthday and new resident direct mail for a while now and have always had great results... It's a very good business idea that has great value. We get new customers and the customers get a great deal...win

Frank's Trattoria Jason David, Owner Hackettstown, NJ January 1, 1970

I use email marketing and new resident direct mail and find both programs to be invaluable to my business. The customer service your employees provide,I find to be another asset your company offers. In my 30 years of business,I have found that Moving Targets has given me a real bang for my buck! I have over 800 e-mail addresses in my email account. Not only do I send out a promotion every month,I use it for important announcements too. I get a 60 percent response when I send out the e-mail specials and that is quite the response. I realize through this kind of advertisement that many of our customers eat here more than one time a week. I gain a lot of valuable information from the response I receive. It's great! It's quick,easy and I can afford this kind of effective advertising. Ever since we started using Moving Targets our business has increased exponentially. Moving Targets sends out about 75 free pizzas a month. Out of that 75 we get a response of about 30 people calling for a free pizza. Out of that 30 we get ten to fifteen new customers a month. That is HUGE! Anyone in the restaurant business knows if you can increase your customer base by that much a month your profits will go up! I believe that email marketing and new resident direct mail are a big part of the reason why we are expanding our business. In today's economy many businesses unfortunately are going out of business,but I believe with a great product and great marketing tools businesses can succeed and do well. I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rizzo's Pizzeria Annette Rossi, Owner Torrance, CA January 1, 1970

The very best way to attract new customers... the service you provide gets new customers and their automobiles into our shop.

Valley Tire Co. Mike Boland, Manager Erie, PA January 1, 1970

As the owner of 5 automotive service centers, I've been using Moving Targets for nearly 20 years and consider them to be a critically important part of our company's ongoing marketing effort. Jay & Terry Siff have assembled a team that is extremely capable and knowledgeable - with a customer focus that is second to none. They can provide your company with everything from new move in mailers and social media marketing to targeted email campaigns. I highly recommend them.

AutoStream Car Care Center Douglas M. Grills, Owner Columbia, MD January 1, 1970

Thank you to all the members of Moving Targets for the great work you have been doing on our behalf. We appreciate & hope to keep on doing business with you.

Casablanca Bar & Night Club Idus Austin, Owner Tokyo, Japan January 1, 1970

I have been using Moving Targets for several years. I offer a free oil change to new residents through this program to get them to give us a try. Recently one of these resulted in additional work of over $2100 and according to the new client

Partner Tire & Service Inc. Dale Franklin, Owner Colchester, VT January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets along with the Birthday Promotion and Email Marketing now for several years. Our customers love the offers and we love the response and how easy it is to use. I highly recommend Moving Targets and all that Jay and his crew have to offer!

Mike N'Dangelo's Michael Klemm, Partner Girard, PA January 1, 1970

Over 50% return is what I am experiencing... per month that's 35 new customers I can gain worth $500.00 per year. That's $17,500 worth of advertising... by far the best return for your money.

Prima Pizza Cafe & Shipping AJ Scalise, Owner Cornwall, NY January 1, 1970

Continues to generate robust returns for our business... we average 12% customer redemptions with 60+% customers joining our VIP Club on their first visit.

Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center John Lilly, Owner Monroe, CT January 1, 1970

Just want to let you know Moving Targets is just great. The customers think the Birthday [mail] is just great and just wonder how we knew it was their birthday.

Simply Simons Restaurant Bea Simons, Owner Swansea, MA January 1, 1970

Email marketing is a great program to communicate with your customers, we love it for... shows or anything new we want to promote.

Positano's Restaurant Cesar Rivera, Manager Franklin Park, IL January 1, 1970

Our social media program is flying high. We get compliments on it all the time... customers think we are the ones answering them on a daily basis. We are almost at 10,000 names on our loyal rewards database, so I expect to market to them even more. We are getting fantastic responses with our email blasts.

Frankie's Italian Cuisine Frank Fusco, General Manager North Olmsted, OH January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is the 'sweetest' new movers program around. I would not consider running a marketing program without Moving Targets. The pizza business relies upon direct response marketing. Moving Targets is just the right way to target the right response from the right customer ...we love the screenings available, they really help us direct our new customer marketing. The human touch of using their personal name in the mailing & letting me write my own letter instantly creates a relationship with the customer while letting us introduce them to our quality product. It's a winning combination! I have yet to find a more cost-effective way to gain a new customer. You are targeting more qualified buyers for us, Thanks! We appreciate each new customer we get. In the last 2 years we entrusted our social media marketing to Moving Targets. I worked along with your awesome staff to use target marketing on social media. I have built my database & grown my organic reach & engagement. We accredit a noticeable portion of the growth of new and regular customers to Moving Targets. In a small town like ours such programs have a residual effect. It creates 'word of mouth advertising' & positions my business as a community-minded store. When people here 'Think About Pizza' they think Punxsy Pizza. I have & will always recommend Moving Targets to anyone in this business.

Punxsy Pizza Scott Anthony, Owner Punxsutawney, PA January 1, 1970

Of the many sources of advertising available to us, we've found that Moving Targets gets the most response. Every month we get multiple opportunities to prove ourselves to a new batch of local residents. It's the lowest customer acquisition cost of any type of advertising we've used to date and we'll continue to use Moving Targets for the results we've seen

The KAR Shop, Inc. Jack Kingston, Owner Rogers, AR January 1, 1970

I've used this companies mailer program for my Auto repair business for over 20 years and have been very happy with the steady flow of new customers.

The Auto Shop Don Bodemann, Owner Blairstown, NJ January 1, 1970

I am continually amazed by the response to these simple email coupons. People love to get them and will come in to use them. It's hard to find other advertising with this consistent of a response.

BackYard Expressions JoAnn Trager, Owner Baraboo, WI January 1, 1970

Have been using Moving Targets for years and had been very pleased with the results, have gained many new customers thru this program, would recommend it.

Car Clinic Michael Donnell, Owner Paradise, PA January 1, 1970

Get a good response to the offer... about 50% percent of those mailed get used. Many become good loyal customers.

Slater's Diner David & Tammy Slater, Owners Raymond, WA January 1, 1970

We are an auto shop in a small town & the Moving Targets New Resident program lets the new homeowners know who we are & how we can be of service. Gives us the opportunity to give a great first impression.

Lonsdale Auto Works Scott Pelava, Owner Lonsdale, MN January 1, 1970

I have been using Moving Targets for years! This is the BEST money spent for advertising your business and increasing sales! There is no better return on your investment! Grow your business with Moving Targets and reward your current customers with email marketing!

Papas Pizza To Go Chris Nonnemaker, Owner Cleveland, GA January 1, 1970

Great group ...reaches our newcomers before we know they've arrived. Worked with us to make our welcome letter more appealing.

M.E. Miller Tire Company Ed Miller, Co-Owner Wauseon, OH January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has been making our business money for years and helping to fill in the "slow times". The programs are very simple and they put most of it together for you. Imagine things just slowed down. All you have to do is call or email Moving Targets and they will email a special right away to your customers with an offer they can't refuse. Now the phones are ringing again and the shop is full. What is better than that? Try them!

Shippee Auto Inc. Anita LaValley, Vice President Hinsdale, NH January 1, 1970

An overwhelming response to our coupons and actually had our best day for sales that we had had for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, when you give something away you DO get a lot back! We were able to give our loyal customers back for their patronage and they gave back to us with their continued patronage.

Tafolino's Mexican Restaurant Juan Tafoya, President Golden, CO January 1, 1970

I've been a Moving Targets customer for about 5 years now, it's been a great help! It's been a very effective tool for me, I get about 30-35% return every month. The customers that use the gift are appreciative.

Primo Pizza Jim McHugh, Partner Brigantine, NJ January 1, 1970

The new resident program really works for us. It gets new customers in the door to see what we are about and check out our shop.

SK Automotive Inc. Scott Kratz, Owner Lansdale, PA January 1, 1970

The mailers have been redeemed at a rate of 34.75% per month. We were so pleased that when we opened our second location, we immediately started using Moving Targets. Bringing customers to the doors is the hardest part and you have made it easy and the results have been fantastic.

Bertolo's Pizza Melina Hatley, Owner Greenville, SC January 1, 1970

Our auto repair shop has been in business for 45 years. With all the changes in this industry, I do believe we could not have existed through the last ten of those if it weren't for the expertise of the great team at Moving Targets. I know I'm not the only one who finds managing social media daunting. In that regard, Mike, you have been so helpful, providing your expertise so we can continue doing what we love to do

CSE Auto Inc. Marrianne Hulbert, Owner Oreland, PA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a number of years now. ˜We are extremely pleased with the response and for the opportunity to get individuals moving into our neighborhood. ˜Most become regulars. This has worked wonderfully for us.

Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant Rudy Guerrero, Owner Albuquerque, NM January 1, 1970

I've used Moving Targets New Resident mailers and email marketing for 5 years now. They do a great job in the retention of customers. Very professional and great attention to DETAIL!!!

Classic Car Wash Allen Eades, Owner O'Fallon, MO January 1, 1970

The Moving Targets program is a viable tool for reaching new customers and has been working well for us.

Italian Cottage Inc. Brian and Robyn Katz, Owners Chico, CA January 1, 1970

Great Company to work with!!! Product works great!

Outwest Automotive Donald Holsworth Jr., Owner Clements, CA January 1, 1970

There is no easier way to communicate with your customers, it's that simple. The email coupons are customized by YOU and sent the same day. What a great feeling it is to send out an email coupon and have customers come in THAT DAY to receive their special deals! The Moving Targets team is always on top of their game and provides a wonderful and invaluable service. You can't afford NOT to utilize this at your business.

Tires Plus Total Car Care Susan Pardue, Owner Lake Worth, FL January 1, 1970

Your team is awesome!... Thank you for the support and creativity!!!

PJ's Bar-B-QSA Carolyn Davis, Owner Saratoga Springs, NY January 1, 1970

Moving Targets e-mail does work! It is absolutely amazing how quickly they react to our e-mails. A gift certificate sent out in the morning brings customers to our door as early as 11:00 a.m. the same day. Customers proudly place their Gift Certificate on the edge of their table for everyone to see. It has enabled us to maintain and grow our business even in these somewhat trying economic times.

Las Katarinas Mexican Restaurant David Francis, Owner Nevada City, CA January 1, 1970

I've been advertising with Moving Targets for years now. I get tons of certificates redeemed and the customers come back for more. Very effective.

Country Bagel & Bakery Valerie Tolentino, Owner West Chester, PA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets new mover, birthday direct mail and email marketing and find it to be a great success. What we love about it is that Moving Targets does all of the designing and also gives us ideas on what kind of promo we should do. They also remind us weekly to do a promo. Let's face it, we all want to do our own promos, but I know I never have the time, these programs are great and also very reasonably priced. Thanks, Moving Targets.

Lumberjack's Pizza at Gator's Pub Scott McGee, President Slatersville, RI January 1, 1970

First off, who has time to monitor their store's reputation online every day? As an operator, I sure don't have the time or the expertise. It's a game changer for small business owners. I can focus on the operations because Moving Targets is monitoring my business for me. It's a win-win.

Papa Kelsey's Pizza & Subs Andy Dell, Owner Mesa, AZ January 1, 1970

Your New Neighbor welcome mail offers have really worked well over the years and to the best of my memory, my time involved has been extremely minimal since the setup. Our new customers always arrive excited to receive their service and hand us the mailer. It makes for a great "first date" impression & I am sure they tell their friends about their wonderful experience. Out of all our endeavors, those redeemed at our counter are 40% your product. Of the twelve forms of marketing, I've chosen the other eleven have to be combined to match with your product. Thanks for being a partner in growing our business!

S&R Tire Bud Agnew, Partner Bowling Green, KY January 1, 1970

Always willing to discuss the options I have to make Moving Targets better fit my needs. I'm in an urban area and this has always presented a challenge for marketing. Being able to speak personally with someone who has a vast knowledge of my market has always made my decisions easier.

Car Doctor Mike Bailey, Owner Oklahoma City, OK January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is still our best marketing solution

Rossi's Pizza & Sports Bar Marshall Bryer, Owner San Marcos, CA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for the past 10 years and will continue to use them in the future...Eight months ago we started with the Birthday program and have had great results. As a matter of fact, we have had great success with all of these programs !!!!!!!!!! Here at EAST COOPER AUTO PROS we cannot say enough great things about MOVING TARGETS and all of their employees.

East Cooper Auto Pros Inc. Willie Hopkins, Owner Mount Pleasant, SC January 1, 1970

Great programs at such an affordable rate! A response rate of at least 25% and gained some very loyal customers... the most effective form of advertising we have ever used, and definitely the best value for our money!

Noshville Delicatessen Melissa Hall and Glen Smith, General Manager and Director of Operations Nashville and Franklin, TN January 1, 1970