Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

I am continually amazed by the response to these simple email coupons. People love to get them and will come in to use them. It's hard to find other advertising with this consistent of a response.

BackYard Expressions JoAnn Trager, Owner Baraboo, WI January 1, 1970

Great group ...reaches our newcomers before we know they've arrived. Worked with us to make our welcome letter more appealing.

M.E. Miller Tire Company Ed Miller, Co-Owner Wauseon, OH January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has been an instrumental tool in our advertising campaign. I can't say enough about the effectiveness of this program. Low cost....high rewards!

Marco's Ristorante Italiano Steven Taylor, Owner Lewiston, ME January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has consistently proven to be our best method of advertising...the most dependable and cost-effective advertising venue out there! Keep up the good work!

Valley Car Wash Glen Titter, Operations Manager Huntingdon Valley, PA January 1, 1970

Of the many sources of advertising available to us, we've found that Moving Targets gets the most response. Every month we get multiple opportunities to prove ourselves to a new batch of local residents. It's the lowest customer acquisition cost of any type of advertising we've used to date and we'll continue to use Moving Targets for the results we've seen

The KAR Shop, Inc. Jack Kingston, Owner Rogers, AR January 1, 1970

I have used Moving Targets direct mail and Facebook service since I opened my business. The services have been a big part of building my customer base and keeping my name in front of the people...Moving Target gets the job done at a reasonable cost.

Kup A Joe Cafe Jim Garofalo, Owner Frankfort, IL January 1, 1970

I've been advertising with Moving Targets for years now. I get tons of certificates redeemed and the customers come back for more. Very effective.

Country Bagel & Bakery Valerie Tolentino, Owner West Chester, PA January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is still our best marketing solution

Rossi's Pizza & Sports Bar Marshall Bryer, Owner San Marcos, CA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a year and will continue to use them. They are great people to work with & very professional.

Good Tire Service Inc. Kevin Good, VP Kittanning, PA January 1, 1970

I've been using Moving Targets for a few years now and I love all their unique and awesome products that have really helped me grow my business! I have used everything from their new movers' program to their awesome email program, where they design a great email template for me every month! They're helpful friendly staff even reaches out once in a while to see if I need any help or just to notify me about new and upcoming products. This is a company that really cares about their customers and is always on the cutting edge of new marketing and is always growing! We look forward to the New Year ahead with Moving Targets!!

Slice of the 80's Adam Matt, Owner Westland, MI January 1, 1970

This was our 15th year with Moving Targets...We do the new mover program and the birthday program and both of these have higher return rates than anything else that we've tried. Moving Targets will get new customers in your door!

Fox's Pizza Den Michael Kopco, Owner Martinsburg , PA January 1, 1970

All we get are compliments about our Facebook site. Moving Targets is one of the only vendors I look forward to paying, the reason being your staff is smart, creative, knowledgeable and fun to work with along with driving more customers to Hecky's. Moving Targets is the SH*T!!!!!

Hecky's Barbecue Hecky Powell, CEO Evanston, IL January 1, 1970

I've been a Moving Targets customer for about 5 years now, it's been a great help! It's been a very effective tool for me, I get about 30-35% return every month. The customers that use the gift are appreciative.

Primo Pizza Jim McHugh, Partner Brigantine, NJ January 1, 1970

Your service is as excellent as your staff is knowledgeable... great results and a prosperous future... with your company. Retaining and building sales with our current customers is an important part of our marketing plan.

Ghiringhelli Specialty Foods Mike Ghiringhelli, Partner Vallejo, CA January 1, 1970

We love it... get so many responses from that program. At least one but typically several new customers in our shop a week. By far worked better for us than any other marketing program we have tried... exceeded our expectations.

Imports Plus Automotive Ginny Brewer, Office Manager Columbus, OH January 1, 1970

Best money spent. Customers are so happy to get a free pizza. ˜It gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and build a relationship with new customers. Thank you!

Village Pizza & BBQ Hilda Shunia, Owner Milford, MI January 1, 1970

I have been using Moving Targets for 23 years now...Moving Targets has always been an effective and inexpensive way to get new customers.

Fast Automotive Center Ralph Fas, Owner San Marcos, CA January 1, 1970

Email marketing is a great program to communicate with your customers, we love it for... shows or anything new we want to promote.

Positano's Restaurant Cesar Rivera, Manager Franklin Park, IL January 1, 1970

We love Moving Targets! We have been using them for 5 years and continue to get great comments from new customers...Each year as we analyze our marketing budget

Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant Judy Daniell, Partner Norfolk, NE January 1, 1970

We have used Moving Targets for at least the last 6 years. Everyone in the company is both friendly and professional...Thanks for sending us customers.

Appalachian Tire Products Inc. Greg Stover, Retail Sales Manager Charleston, WV June 11, 2018

Customers love getting the coupons we send out every month! We get a 15-20% redemption on 100 emails. Fantastic!

Barnesburg Tavern & Grille Dennis Wall, Owner Cincinnati, OH January 1, 1970

We here at Cluck U Chicken Eatontown have advertised with Moving Targets for about six years now, it's a cost-effective way to advertise and get you the biggest bang for your buck using them.

Cluck University Chicken William Ellsworth, Owner Eatontown, NJ January 1, 1970

Great Company to work with!!! Product works great!

Outwest Automotive Donald Holsworth Jr., Owner Clements, CA January 1, 1970

It brings in customers who never knew you were there!

Zara's Lil' Giant Supermarket Inc. Al Zara, President New Orleans, LA January 1, 1970

We have gotten very positive feedback from Moving Targets! Our restaurants like meeting the new guests and the new guests are very enthusiastic and appreciative for their free meal. The company is so easy to work with and the email tips are very helpful!

Monical's Pizza Emily Dahl, Marketing Media Coordinator Bradley, IL January 1, 1970

Get a good response to the offer... about 50% percent of those mailed get used. Many become good loyal customers.

Slater's Diner David & Tammy Slater, Owners Raymond, WA January 1, 1970

Anna's has been using Moving Targets for years now. They take a lot of workload off of me in finding new customers in my area...Anna's also uses their Loyal Rewards program, which is an outstanding email program. Keep up the good work!

Anna's Pizza & Pasta Brian Weavel, Owner Winnebago, IL June 11, 2018

Great way to reach new customers before our competition.. the response rate of new customers continues to grow our business with the repeat customers we receive from the Moving Targets redemptions.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Tim Ku-Dipietro, Owner Centreville, VA January 1, 1970

The staff at Moving Targets are not only professional, but they are friendly and truly care about the success of your business. We are doing a 3 month trial with them for our Window Treatment business in Blue Bell to get our name out there and bring in more clients. Being that this industry is very specific and unique, we have been going through some trial and error in the best way to reach our local demographics. Yet, our Moving Targets representatives have not given up, always looking for new strategies and ways to experience the success we are looking for. Communication is a STRENGTH for them, which is hard to find. Thanks guys!

Ambiance Design - Window Treatment Specialist Laura Jane Hawley, Owner Blue Bell, PA June 13, 2018

After using everything from Welcome Wagon to coupon books over the past 25 years this is the first trackable thing that actually brings new customers to your business at a reasonable price. Don't dismiss this one, it's well worth a trial run.

DJ's Car Care Dick Wagner, Owner Abingdon, MD January 1, 1970

UNBELIEVABLE!... the best marketing I have ever done. I haven't received a response like this from any other form of advertising. Best thing I have done for my business!

Sternot Auto Repair Inc. Clayton Sternot, Owner Mosinee, WI January 1, 1970

Falcon Auto Service Center has been using Moving Targets for 8 years. Consistently year after year Moving Targets outperforms our other forms of promotion. In fact,20% of our business in the last year has come from clients that found out about Falcon Auto from Moving Targets. That's 1 out of every 5 sales dollars were contributed to Moving Targets. What a great investment in my business!

Falcon Auto Service Center David Edmunds, Owner Peyton, CO January 1, 1970

As the owner of 5 automotive service centers, I've been using Moving Targets for nearly 20 years and consider them to be a critically important part of our company's ongoing marketing effort. Jay & Terry Siff have assembled a team that is extremely capable and knowledgeable - with a customer focus that is second to none. They can provide your company with everything from new move in mailers and social media marketing to targeted email campaigns. I highly recommend them.

AutoStream Car Care Center Douglas M. Grills, Owner Columbia, MD January 1, 1970

We have tried several different marketing tools over the last couple of years and the one that we see the most response from is Moving Targets!!!

Westlake Auto and Tire LLC Michael Thyen, Owner Denver, NC January 1, 1970

Each month we get about 30% of our gift certificates redeemed... This has proven to be a very cost-effective way to attract new business.

The Bakery David Santner, Owner New Paltz, NY January 1, 1970

I don't think you can put a price on the ability to be the first pizza shop to contact someone new to the area. Moving Targets does that for me many times each and every month!

TNT Pizza Tony Savocchia, Owner Burgettstown, PA January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is the best way to attract new customers

The Cheese Steak Shop Gene Hrubi, Owner Chico, CA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets new mover, birthday direct mail and email marketing and find it to be a great success. What we love about it is that Moving Targets does all of the designing and also gives us ideas on what kind of promo we should do. They also remind us weekly to do a promo. Let's face it, we all want to do our own promos, but I know I never have the time, these programs are great and also very reasonably priced. Thanks, Moving Targets.

Lumberjack's Pizza at Gator's Pub Scott McGee, President Slatersville, RI January 1, 1970

Have been using Moving Targets for years and had been very pleased with the results, have gained many new customers thru this program, would recommend it.

Car Clinic Michael Donnell, Owner Paradise, PA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a year now and the response is amazing! We are busy even in our slow times. I would recommend this to any new or existing businesses.

Jardines de San Juan Maria Garcia, AGM San Juan Bautista, CA January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has been making our business money for years and helping to fill in the "slow times". The programs are very simple and they put most of it together for you. Imagine things just slowed down. All you have to do is call or email Moving Targets and they will email a special right away to your customers with an offer they can't refuse. Now the phones are ringing again and the shop is full. What is better than that? Try them!

Shippee Auto Inc. Anita LaValley, Vice President Hinsdale, NH January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has hands down been my biggest bang for my buck. I have made many long-term loyal customers just by inviting them to check out my business with a free service...They take initiative

Martin Automotive Randy Martin, Owner Washington, IL January 1, 1970

A great advertising tool to use. What better way to get new customers into your business... our return rate has been amazing. People are looking for a great deal these days and Moving Targets puts you first in their minds.

Vinny's Pizza Robert Schlecht, Owner Dekalb, IL January 1, 1970

I have been using the new mover program for 12+ years and have been very successful with it! We built our restaurant up in sales from $300,000 yearly to over $1 million and the new mover program was an integral part of that! I highly recommend it!

Pizza Pirate Patrick Abshire, Owner Benicia, CA January 1, 1970

Domino's Pizza in Buffalo MN been using Moving Targets for a long time. It is a great way to connect with potential customers through the use of a free pizza coupon sent to the new residents in town. I plan to continue using Moving Targets. Great program

Domino's Pizza Susan Backes, Owner Buffalo, MN January 1, 1970

We have been loyal Moving Targets customers for thirteen years now. Every month it brings in new happy customers! Keep up the good work!

Amore Pizzeria & Cafe Carlo D'Aquanni, Partner Pleasant Valley, NY January 1, 1970

Get about 15% response.

Dobb's Country Kitchen Brian Hinkley, Owner Hallstead, PA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for several years... Moving Targets has worked very well for us. Very cost effective. THANK YOU.

JRC Enterprises LLC Dolores Christian, Office Manager Columbus, WI January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a number of years now. ˜We are extremely pleased with the response and for the opportunity to get individuals moving into our neighborhood. ˜Most become regulars. This has worked wonderfully for us.

Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant Rudy Guerrero, Owner Albuquerque, NM January 1, 1970

Moving Targets provides me with a consistent source of new, steady customers. It works.

Cape May Riggins Barney Linn, Owner Cape May, NJ January 1, 1970