Our reviews, we take pride in our work, but we're happy to let our customers do all the talking. Go ahead and see for yourself. They're real and they're spectacular.

All we get are compliments about our Facebook site. Moving Targets is one of the only vendors I look forward to paying, the reason being your staff is smart, creative, knowledgeable and fun to work with along with driving more customers to Hecky's. Moving Targets is the SH*T!!!!!

Hecky's Barbecue Hecky Powell, CEO Evanston, IL January 1, 1970

We here at Cluck U Chicken Eatontown have advertised with Moving Targets for about six years now, it's a cost-effective way to advertise and get you the biggest bang for your buck using them.

Cluck University Chicken William Ellsworth, Owner Eatontown, NJ January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has consistently proven to be our best method of advertising...the most dependable and cost-effective advertising venue out there! Keep up the good work!

Valley Car Wash Glen Titter, Operations Manager Huntingdon Valley, PA January 1, 1970

Domino's Pizza in Buffalo MN been using Moving Targets for a long time. It is a great way to connect with potential customers through the use of a free pizza coupon sent to the new residents in town. I plan to continue using Moving Targets. Great program

Domino's Pizza Susan Backes, Owner Buffalo, MN January 1, 1970

We own a restaurant and we have been using Moving Targets for 12 years. They send out a fantastic letter showcasing our restaurant to new potential customers moving into our neighborhood. We get the first shot to be their new "Cheers". This is an advertising campaign must have!

Timothy's of Newark Karen Steele, Owner Newark, DE January 1, 1970

The Moving Targets program is a viable tool for reaching new customers and has been working well for us.

Italian Cottage Inc. Brian and Robyn Katz, Owners Chico, CA January 1, 1970

Customers love getting the coupons we send out every month! We get a 15-20% redemption on 100 emails. Fantastic!

Barnesburg Tavern & Grille Dennis Wall, Owner Cincinnati, OH January 1, 1970

Makes it possible for us to meet the new members of our community... this is a simple and easy way for us to get new customers!

N & G Auto Repair Kim LeBrun, Owner's Wife Montgomery, MN January 1, 1970

We have been using both Birthday Connections and Moving Targets for many years. And have been happy with both products. Our Birthday Program has an average of 25% usage while our Moving Targets [program] averages 14%. Both of these programs bring us new customers and we are able to convert most of them to repeat business.

Bubba's Roadhouse & Saloon Jay Johnson, Owner Cape Coral, FL January 1, 1970

Continues to generate robust returns for our business... we average 12% customer redemptions with 60+% customers joining our VIP Club on their first visit.

Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center John Lilly, Owner Monroe, CT January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is still the most effective form of advertising that I have discovered to date. The return rate is second to none!! The packaging and coupon are eye-catching and very effective. Your newsletters are also very valuable in helping me market my business

Bagel Bazaar of Monroe David Salva, Owner Monroe, NJ January 1, 1970

The staff at Moving Targets are not only professional, but they are friendly and truly care about the success of your business. We are doing a 3 month trial with them for our Window Treatment business in Blue Bell to get our name out there and bring in more clients. Being that this industry is very specific and unique, we have been going through some trial and error in the best way to reach our local demographics. Yet, our Moving Targets representatives have not given up, always looking for new strategies and ways to experience the success we are looking for. Communication is a STRENGTH for them, which is hard to find. Thanks guys!

Ambiance Design - Window Treatment Specialist Laura Jane Hawley, Owner Blue Bell, PA June 13, 2018

The Moving Targets mailers really do work...Thanks for helping make this a good business year. ˜Best wishes.

183 Auto Care Dan Ramser, Owner Allaince, OH January 1, 1970

There is no easier way to communicate with your customers, it's that simple. The email coupons are customized by YOU and sent the same day. What a great feeling it is to send out an email coupon and have customers come in THAT DAY to receive their special deals! The Moving Targets team is always on top of their game and provides a wonderful and invaluable service. You can't afford NOT to utilize this at your business.

Tires Plus Total Car Care Susan Pardue, Owner Lake Worth, FL January 1, 1970

Approximately a 27+% return rate... close to 1 out of 3 coming to our facility with a very professional birthday letter with a great offer.

Downtowner Car Wash Troy Montpetit, Operator and Owner Cape Coral, FL January 1, 1970

I've been advertising with Moving Targets for years now. I get tons of certificates redeemed and the customers come back for more. Very effective.

Country Bagel & Bakery Valerie Tolentino, Owner West Chester, PA January 1, 1970

The mailers have been redeemed at a rate of 34.75% per month. We were so pleased that when we opened our second location, we immediately started using Moving Targets. Bringing customers to the doors is the hardest part and you have made it easy and the results have been fantastic.

Bertolo's Pizza Melina Hatley, Owner Greenville, SC January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a year and will continue to use them. They are great people to work with & very professional.

Good Tire Service Inc. Kevin Good, VP Kittanning, PA January 1, 1970

I've used this companies mailer program for my Auto repair business for over 20 years and have been very happy with the steady flow of new customers.

The Auto Shop Don Bodemann, Owner Blairstown, NJ January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has been the best way to welcome and begin a relationship with those new to our neighborhood. We have been using this service successfully for many many years at the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. I think over 20! We are confident that once our delicious scratch-made food is tasted, we will win over a new long-term patron. Moving Targets gives us the vehicle to do this. I would highly recommend them.

Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant Wendy Cibula, Owner Pittsburgh, PA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a number of years now. ˜We are extremely pleased with the response and for the opportunity to get individuals moving into our neighborhood. ˜Most become regulars. This has worked wonderfully for us.

Papa Felipe's Mexican Restaurant Rudy Guerrero, Owner Albuquerque, NM January 1, 1970

No other form of advertising has done more for my business... simply the best forms of advertising available.

Players Pizza & Pasta Dave Nelson, Owner Penn Valley, CA January 1, 1970

First off, who has time to monitor their store's reputation online every day? As an operator, I sure don't have the time or the expertise. It's a game changer for small business owners. I can focus on the operations because Moving Targets is monitoring my business for me. It's a win-win.

Papa Kelsey's Pizza & Subs Andy Dell, Owner Mesa, AZ January 1, 1970

The email marketing program is awesome! It is so easy and my customers love it. My customers ask me all the time when are you going to send me another email promotion... nice to know they look forward to getting emails from me! You are terrific!

Cruz-Thru Car Wash & Lube Rodney Flint, Owner Yorktown, VA January 1, 1970

The response is 17 to 23%... our bottom line on this promotion has exceeded all expectations. This will be a permanent part of our business, we are very pleased, thank you!

Ye Olde Landmark Tavern Steve Hengst, Owner Bouckville, NY January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is a great way for customers that are new to the area to find and get to know you. I've been using them for over 10 years.

AutoWorks Car Care Shaun Martin, Owner Payson, UT January 1, 1970

We have used Moving Targets for many years for our business. It has brought in many new people that have moved to town. We would highly recommend them for your business.

Perri's Pizzeria Sherrie Day, Owner Bergen, NY January 1, 1970

Moving Target's email marketing program helps keep me connected to my most loyal customers by rewarding them with exclusive offers. ˜The program targets customers who want to receive offers and information because they have signed on to the program.

Villa Mannino Marco Mannino, Owner Yardville, NJ January 1, 1970

Moving Targets is the ONLY company that I have consistently stayed with. The bottom line is, their letters are OPENED, READ and REDEEMED! Matter of fact, I wrote a book on restaurant marketing and I love them so much that there was a dedicated chapter on their methods. I am going to continue to use them for a very long time!

Surf Brothers Teriyaki Amir Karkouti, CFO Carlsbad, CA January 1, 1970

A great advertising tool to use. What better way to get new customers into your business... our return rate has been amazing. People are looking for a great deal these days and Moving Targets puts you first in their minds.

Vinny's Pizza Robert Schlecht, Owner Dekalb, IL January 1, 1970

Moving Targets has been making our business money for years and helping to fill in the "slow times". The programs are very simple and they put most of it together for you. Imagine things just slowed down. All you have to do is call or email Moving Targets and they will email a special right away to your customers with an offer they can't refuse. Now the phones are ringing again and the shop is full. What is better than that? Try them!

Shippee Auto Inc. Anita LaValley, Vice President Hinsdale, NH January 1, 1970

Thanks for providing a service that is critical to our success!

Angelina's Pizza Ann Reichle, Owner Olmsted Falls, OH January 1, 1970

You ROCK! Perhaps the best business decision I've made in a long time.

Bolo's Bar & Grill Jeanne Rice, Partner Spokane Valley, WA January 1, 1970

We have been using Moving Targets for a year now and the response is amazing! We are busy even in our slow times. I would recommend this to any new or existing businesses.

Jardines de San Juan Maria Garcia, AGM San Juan Bautista, CA January 1, 1970

One of our best tools for developing relationships with residents...average a 5 to 10 percent return rate. Most cost-effective of our marketing tools.

Lighthouse Pizza Vicki Davis, Marketing Director Tybee Island, GA January 1, 1970

Results are outstanding! The only form of advertising we use for our business... seen our customer base grow and we see new customers each week.

Brooke's Pizza Eric Wager, Owner Ballston Lake, NY January 1, 1970

My secret weapon has been Moving Target's new resident direct mail and email. The only advertising I have used. They have a great staff that has always been there to help. I suggest to let them help you fight the battle for customers and increased sales. I would not have been able to do it without their support!

Georgio's Pizza of Pensacola Carl Hixon, Owner Pensacola, FL January 1, 1970

Use your time wisely by letting the experts do your advertising and marketing. Moving Targets! Free up your time by letting Moving Targets take care of your marketing. Some things are better left to the professional.

Magic Touch Inc Diana Fisher, Partner Garnet Valley, PA January 1, 1970

This form of advertising has got to be one of the best I've ever used. My coupon return rate is around 90%!!! Thanks for 10 years of business building!!! P.S. Love reading the target tips every month. They have helped me out with better ways to do my other ads.

Tony's Pizza Steve Klecka, Owner Peotone, IL January 1, 1970

I've been a Moving Targets customer for about 5 years now, it's been a great help! It's been a very effective tool for me, I get about 30-35% return every month. The customers that use the gift are appreciative.

Primo Pizza Jim McHugh, Partner Brigantine, NJ January 1, 1970

I have been using Moving Targets for 23 years now...Moving Targets has always been an effective and inexpensive way to get new customers.

Fast Automotive Center Ralph Fas, Owner San Marcos, CA January 1, 1970

Starting a new business is tough! When I found Moving Targets it was a huge load off my shoulders... Look forward to many years of success with Moving Targets.

Pro Automotive Jason Rousseau, Owner Dudley, MA January 1, 1970

Have been using Moving Targets for years and had been very pleased with the results, have gained many new customers thru this program, would recommend it.

Car Clinic Michael Donnell, Owner Paradise, PA January 1, 1970

This is one of the few niches that has worked extremely well for me. New people at a point of change. Has brought some great lifetime customers to my business. We have been using them for years and have had great correspondence and help with billing for my coop money.

Red Mountain Tire & Auto Todd Connolly, Owner Meza, AZ January 1, 1970

Great service and a wonderful product. We love attracting new customers this way!

Main Street Automobile Service Casey Paredes, Owner Kernersville, NC January 1, 1970

Moving Targets email marketing has been a great solution for a customer loyalty rewards program. It's an attractive, turnkey, easy and cost-effective way to stay in front of valuable customers ... is great for my business.

Smoky Jon's #1 BBQ "Smoky" Jon Olson, Owner Madison, WI January 1, 1970

I find a better response from Moving Targets New Resident and Birthday Connections direct mail. I would definitely recommend these avenues of advertising to all (of course besides my competitors).

Casamel's Pizza Mike Marusa, Owner Cleveland, OH January 1, 1970

Gives me the opportunity to mail menus and coupons to these brand new customers before they receive advertising from my competitors.

Dominos Rik Yeames, Owner Epsom, NH January 1, 1970

Gives us an opportunity to meet the new people in town... getting new business and repeat customers.

Magnolia Tire & Auto Service Gary Dore, Owner Loris, SC January 1, 1970

We are an auto shop in a small town & the Moving Targets New Resident program lets the new homeowners know who we are & how we can be of service. Gives us the opportunity to give a great first impression.

Lonsdale Auto Works Scott Pelava, Owner Lonsdale, MN January 1, 1970