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Since there are no contracts, and I have the ability to set my own budget, I gave it a shot. I have been quite surprised at the unusually high redemption rates of all three programs. The solo mailed letters and cards make a huge impact. In addition, I really like the monthly advertising tips I receive from Jay. I would highly recommend giving these programs a shot. I have steadily increased my budget for these programs as my business has grown despite this terrible economy.

Manhattan Bagel

Donald Bradley, Owner

Chalfont, PA

One of the best forms of marketing we currently use. New customers are retained by the direct mail program. Happy customers and a good rate of return make this a win/win.

Minocqua Tire & Auto Inc.

Scott Williams, Owner
Minocqua, WI

I love to be able to blast out my specials and be geared up for a busy day. This may not be new technology, but for me, it was a new way to advertise and promote my product. I am not what you might say a tech freak, but it was very easy for me to do. Thanks for helping me grow my business and having one of my best falls ever.

Kay’s Italian Restaurant

Walter Woehrle, Owner
Moscow, PA

Our social media program is flying high. We get compliments on it all the time… customers think we are the ones answering them on a daily basis. We are almost at 10,000 names on our loyal rewards database, so I expect to market to them even more. We are getting fantastic responses with our email blasts.

Frankie’s Italian Cuisine

Frank Fusco, General Manager
North Olmsted, OH

The staff at Moving Targets are not only professional, but they are friendly and truly care about the success of your business. We are doing a 3 month trial with them for our Window Treatment business in Blue Bell to get our name out there and bring in more clients. Being that this industry is very specific and unique, we have been going through some trial and error in the best way to reach our local demographics. Yet, our Moving Targets representatives have not given up, always looking for new strategies and ways to experience the success we are looking for. Communication is a STRENGTH for them, which is hard to find. Thanks guys!

Ambiance Design – Window Treatment Specialist

Laura Jane Hawley, Owner
Blue Bell, PA

Can email my strategist at the last minute and they can take my misspelled offer and whip something together to get out to my customers ASAP that looks right and is spelled right. There is NO technology to learn. It’s like having a personal secretary, actually a team of personal secretaries. These guys are great, I saw Jay Siff at the Vegas Pizza show and gave him some suggestions and they really made the changes I suggested. I never keep my Vegas promises, Jay Siff does!

The Picnic Basket Restaurant

Tim Weiberg, Owner
Nashotah, WI

The email marketing program is awesome! It is so easy and my customers love it. My customers ask me all the time when are you going to send me another email promotion… nice to know they look forward to getting emails from me! You are terrific!

Cruz-Thru Car Wash & Lube

Rodney Flint, Owner
Yorktown, VA

I’ve been using Moving Targets direct mail for over 10 years and it works. They are very easy to work with and no lengthy contracts to sign. We mail out 350 letters a month and I get back about 10%.

Mark’s East Side

Mark Dougherty, Owner
Appleton, WI

I’ve been using Moving Targets for a few years now and I love all their unique and awesome products that have really helped me grow my business! I have used everything from their new movers’ program to their awesome email program, where they design a great email template for me every month! They’re helpful friendly staff even reaches out once in a while to see if I need any help or just to notify me about new and upcoming products. This is a company that really cares about their customers and is always on the cutting edge of new marketing and is always growing! We look forward to the New Year ahead with Moving Targets!!

Slice of the 80’s

Adam Matt, Owner
Westland, MI

I have been sending out Birthday coupons for a few years now and I get “complaints” that Mom got hers and I didn’t get one this year. I just laugh and tell them I have no control over who gets them and who doesn’t. Either way I win. If they are talking about my shop I still get their business.

The Pit Stop Quick Lube

Myles Hickman, Owner
Eureka, MT

I am extremely happy. Each and every time you send out an email to me the response is awesome. With a return of close to 20% on the coupons, it greatly adds to my sales goal and keeps my waitstaff happy. I actually put on more staff because of the noticeably increased traffic. I cannot think of another marketing program where you get such a great bang for your buck.

Desperados Fresh Mexican Grille

Dave Atwell, Owner
Williamstown, MA

The response to the $10.00 off coupon exceeded my expectations. The new residents moving into our area have been so pleased… I see that 75% of these new customers are returning to shop at my grocery store.

Cooper Foods

Vic Cooper, Owner
Waverly Hall, GA

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