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One of the fastest growing mediums that businesses are adding to their content marketing tool box is video.

Effective video marketing tells your story. It’s branded, ignites emotion and builds trust among prospects and customers.

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Video is a powerful way to communicate your story, demonstrate value, and forge strong relationships between your business and your customers. It’s content that generates conversation among your audience and allows them to take an objective look at your company without being ‘sold to’.

We can create captivating stories that will engage your audience, tell them who you are and show them why your business is unique.

Our video experts will discover what makes your company special and build branded motion graphics to inspire your audience. This content will be created in-house with your goals in mind and aim to drive customers and prospects to take action.

You’ll work directly with your own personal video expert to capture your company’s ideals and mission, wrapping it up in a digestible, appealing package for you to deliver to your audience.

But enough about what we do…

Get your content noticed with video

Make your posts, ads, tradeshow booths and more stand out with custom video work.

Our approach


We’ll learn about your goals.
During this stage, our goal is to learn all about your business and discover what you hope to achieve by creating a branded video for your business. We’ll ask you to provide us with your company logo, discuss any visual preferences you may have, determine what message you’d like to convey and learn about your typical audience so we know who we are trying to attract.


We’ll devise a plan of attack.
Your video expert will draw-up a storyboard for your video, which will map-out the structure in which the motion graphics will appear. The storyboard will also demonstrate the general message we’ll be trying to convey to your audience in the video. All of this will be sent directly to you for approval and we’ll work with you to develop the concept so that it is authentic to your brand.


We’ll take action.
After the storyboard is approved, we’ll begin to develop your custom video behind the scenes. Your video expert will bring your story to life through graphic design, animation and soundtracking. Any required voiceover work will also be recorded and implemented at this time.


We’ll present you with your custom video content.
We’ll send the final animation to you for approval. Once your requested edits are implemented, the video is ready for public consumption. You’re now ready to post the brand new custom video to your website or begin sharing it on your preferred social media platforms.

Video Production

Depending on your particular goals, there are a few ways in which we can help you tell your story through video. Here are some of the services we have to offer.

video made for you

Script writing

We’ll tell your brand story.

We’ll work with you to develop a captivating story to evoke an emotional response from viewers.Upon request, we’ll work with you to generate a voiceover script to accompany your custom motion graphics.


We’ll put your vision in motion.

We’ll create custom graphics based on your preferences and vision to create a motion graphic video that will captivate your audience and tell your story.

Brand integration

We’ll create a video unique to your company.

We’ll incorporate your logos, photos and brand colors to ensure the video we create is unique to your company and accurately depicts your story.

File production

We’ll ensure your video is web-ready once it’s complete.

We’ll do all of the back-end production necessary to guarantee that your custom video file (in full HD MP4) is ready to be delivered to your audience on the platforms you prefer.
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