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The vast majority of people have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. This means that as a business owner, you cannot afford to remain offline. When someone’s looking for a local business – chances are, they’re going with one of the first results that pop-up.

Visibility is the first step in establishing credibility. You can’t show prospects that you are worthy of their business unless they can find your website easily.


average traffic increase for clients after we redesign their website

If you make it easy for prospects to find your website and contact you in one sitting, you’ve already got the upper hand over your competitors. A website that is easy to navigate and accurately answers customers’ questions helps build credibility for your brand.

Our web developers make it easy for your customers to find out about your business.

We work directly with you to understand what makes your business special so that the message on your website is clear and concise. Your team of web developers will balance bold, exciting design with a user-friendly structure to create a visually-appealing yet practical user experience.

But enough about what we do…

Your website is your business’s first impression

Make it count.

Our approach


We’ll learn about your goals.
During this stage, our goal is to learn all about your business and discover what you hope to achieve by building a new website for your business. We’ll discuss any design and functionality preferences you may have and learn about your typical clientele so we know who we are trying to attract with your website.


We’ll find out what we need to build your optimal website.
After we’ve discussed your business and goals, your web developer will conduct further research to start developing the blueprints for your new website. If you have a current website, we’ll look at the types of people who will visit your site and define the demographics that apply to your typical user. Your web developer will then analyze any available data to help them gain a better understanding of what pages your visitors most frequently use. We’ll also conduct keyword research to learn the type of verbiage that should be included in your website’s copy to boost your SEO ranking.


We’ll devise a plan of attack.
Your web developer will create a mockup of your homepage and one internal page. These mockups will include photos, brand colors and fonts and be sent to you for review to ensure we are capturing the authenticity of your brand. Your web developer will also send you copy for the homepage, allowing us to gain an understanding of the tone you’d like us to achieve while maintaining the optimal verbiage to ensure your business is easy to find online.


We’ll take action.
After all site mockups are approved, we’ll begin to execute all of the behind the scenes work for your new website. Your developer will begin coding and turning your brand-vision into a reality based on our research and your personal preferences. We’ll also conduct tests to ensure your website is optimized for all screens and that all links and forms are operating correctly.


We’ll make your website live.
Your site is ready to launch! Following the launch of your website, your web developer will conduct post-launch tests to ensure everything is functioning at full-capacity. At this point, you have the option of allowing us to conduct ongoing maintenance at an hourly rate or we will train you (at no extra cost to you) on how to make simple edits via WordPress.
*NOTE: This is our approach for a Fully Custom Website. To learn more about our budget-friendly options, contact us today!

Website Development +

Depending on your particular goals, there are a few ways in which we can help you build or optimize your website. Here are some of the services we have to offer.

Be found online

Website building

We’ll develop a brand new website for your business.

We’ll create a branded website from the ground-up to represent your business. We have options available for businesses and budgets of all sizes – just tell us what you need!

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We’ll make your website more visible online.

We’ll use keyword research and SEO auditing to increase your website’s rank on search engines like Google and Bing in order to generate more traffic to your website. We’ll also create Google Analytics reports and track our results.

Speed optimization

We’ll make your visitors’ experience more convenient.

We’ll enhance your website’s performance by decreasing the time it takes for the pages on your website to load. This will make the experience of visiting your website much more convenient for the user.

Security enhancements

We’ll ensure it’s safe for users to visit your website.

Through security auditing and the implementation of necessary coding provisions, we’ll ensure your website is safe from various threats that can compromise your customers’ information and your business’ credibility.

Website maintenance

We’ll keep your website up and running.

We’ll implement monthly updates to your website and its plugins, create remote backups for your live site and conduct any required renewals to keep your website running smoothly without interruption.

Website add-ons

We’ll make your website unique to your brand and customers.

We’ll add different elements to your website (such as blogs, email signup forms and online ordering forms) to make it more unique to your visitors’ specific needs.
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