Return on Investment estimating tools for return on investment calculatordirect mail and email marketing campaigns.

Measuring your return on investment is simple. The question to answer is not what it costs, since we publish all our prices, but what sales it produces over time. One result of more than 2 decades in direct mail print marketing is tons of research on response rates across many industries.  We know a well-designed promotion, personally addressed and directly delivered has a very high response rate. Direct mail and email are easily measured by the number of certificates redeemed. So not only is it easy to judge the return on your marketing investment, we use this return on investment calculation for our 6-month Magic Pill marketing promise.

Below are several easy-to-use calculators for both direct mail and email marketing.  Please feel free to call in if you would like any assistance.

ROI Calculator



Your Values

# Certificates mailed 100
# Certificates redeemed 15
Cost of each piece mailed $1.88 $
Cost of product given per customer $10 $
# Customers made from redeemed certificates 2

Avg customer lifetime worth

$1706 $

Your total investment (dollars spent)

Return on investment as $
Return on investment as %  %



Your Values

# Email certificates sent 833    
# Emails redeemed 63    
Cost of email broadcast $49 $    
Total sales generated $1449 $    
Cost of goods $579 $    
Return on investment as $ (gross profit) $    
Return on investment as %  %
% Email certificates redeemed  %


Your Values

# Certificates mailed    
Choose piece type:        Letter:        Card:  $    
# Certificates redeemed    
Total sales (from this mailing) $    
Your cost of goods (from this mailing) $    

Response rate (as %)


Your gross profit

Your net profit
Return on investment (as %)  %

Lifetime Value Calculator



Auto Example

Restaurant Example

Pizza Example

Typical sale to a customer $ $325 $47 $20
Typical repeat customer visits in 1 year 3 28 50
Typical length of your relationship with customer (years) 7 7 7
Your net profit margin on goods and services (%) % 25% 14% 18%
Typical lifetime revenue from a customer $6825 $9212 $7000
Lifetime customer net profit $ $1706.25 $1289.68 $1260