Do not abandon the great ship of direct mail marketing

A good captain always goes down with her or his ship. This is not really the case in direct mail marketing, though, which has been exceptionally resilient to the digital revolution and avoided taking on too much water for years now. Advertisers who have decided to abandon ship when it comes to direct mail marketing are likely missing a significant opportunity to boost the brand image and achieve higher conversion rates.

Now, it is worth noting that direct mail marketing lagged behind when digital channels first hit the market, but it proved to be a momentary lapse of success. Today, direct mail is still part of a balanced marketing strategy for many businesses, and taking a more modernized approach to managing these campaigns can go a long way toward separating one brand from another in a given industry.

Why direct mail marketing?

Business 2 Community recently listed several fundamental reasons why direct mail marketing has experienced a resurrection of sorts, asserting that one of the main drivers involves the physical characteristics of the collateral. Unlike digital channels, direct mail’s physical presence can be retained among recipients longer than an email ad would, especially when the marketers are taking creative approaches to their campaigns.

For example, the source noted that many direct mail advertisers are still sending out calendars and magnets, which have clear uses and make a lasting impact on the brand image in the eyes of the recipients. Obviously, these items will need to be created in such a way that touches upon the preferences and desires of the recipients. Otherwise they will be thrown out in the physical garbage rather than a spam folder in an email account.

According to the news provider, innovation is still ripe in direct mail, and users will often have a lot more wiggle room to craft their own unique strategies in this medium compared to others.

Will it last?

Because of how quickly marketing trends take shape and fall by the wayside, some brand advertisers might be wondering if direct mail will remain as a strong medium for their communications. In many ways, direct mail shows no signs of becoming irrelevant or ineffective any time soon, and is actually growing with respect to advertiser participation and potential returns on investment.

So, small business owners should consider working with an experienced provider of direct mail marketing support to take their brands to the next level.