Do not abandon the great ship of direct mail marketing

Great Direct Mail Marketing

A good captain always goes down with her or his ship. This is not really the case in direct mail marketing, though, which has been exceptionally resilient to the digital revolution and avoided taking on too much water for years now. Advertisers who have decided to abandon ship when it comes to direct mail marketing are likely missing a significant opportunity to boost the brand image and achieve higher conversion rates.

Today, direct mail is part of a balanced marketing strategy for many businesses, and taking a more modernized approach to managing these campaigns can go a long way toward separating one brand from another in a given industry.

So, why direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is often overlooked in the world of digital today. Every great marketing strategy will use multiple different channels, but with fewer and fewer businesses sending direct mail pieces, your piece will have a much greater chance of standing out. 57% of people said that receiving mail makes them feel valued – isn’t that the message you want to get across to your customers? 

On top of making your ideal customers feel valued – direct mail increases brand awareness. Unlike an email or an ad on the internet you typically never throw a piece of mail away without glancing at it first, therefore making your business stick in their mind seeing your name, and logo. 

Many people believe they just cannot track their results of their direct mail marketing campaign, so what’s the point? That’s just NOT the case. There are plenty of ways you can track your campaigns success. If your goal is to send traffic to your website, we suggest building a custom landing page unique to your mailer to indicate that visitors came from seeing your direct mail piece.

Will it last?

Because of how quickly marketing trends take shape and fall by the wayside, some brand advertisers might be wondering if direct mail will remain as a strong medium for their communications long term. In many ways, direct mail shows no signs of becoming irrelevant or ineffective any time soon, and is actually growing with respect to advertiser participation and potential returns on investment.

Small business owners should consider working with an experienced provider of direct mail marketing support to take their brands to the next level.