Cutting Edge Techniques to Win at B2B Marketing

Cutting Edge Techniques to Win at B2B Marketing

With tech-savvy millennials continuing to enter the workforce and rising to decision-making posts in their organizations, investing in digital marketing is becoming more important for businesses operating in competitive spaces. The future of B2B is smarter, faster, and driven as much by sharp interpretation of data as it is by slick messaging and strong branding. Businesses who are resistant to these trends will find themselves lagging behind their competition and struggling for customer attention and market share.

Leverage these digital strategies to give your brand the edge it needs to rise above the competition.

Welcome to the digital showroom

If you have an exciting new product or service, digital is the perfect way to show it off to your prospects and current customers without them ever having to set foot in your office. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram love short, easily consumed video content. Your customers will want to ensure the products or services they’re paying for are high quality and a good fit for them, so use these platforms’ algorithms to your advantage and give prospects a live look at your products in action. Then use Facebook Ads to retarget video viewers to the corresponding product pages on your website.

You’ve got mail

While many businesses are turning to social media to open new channels to promote their brands, email marketing remains a powerful marketing tool for B2B eCommerce brands large and small. Why? Simply put: email works. It’s versatile, personal, drives high engagement, and generates reliable ROI. Segmented and targeted emails are responsible for driving 58 percent of all business revenue.

Create customized drip campaigns based on what products and services your prospects are interested in and what messages they’re engaging with to make your broadcasts more relevant and effective. Use data to guide your strategy for maximum ROI.

(Pro tip: Make sure your email campaigns are optimized for mobile viewing. 30 percent of U.S. eCommerce is being done on mobile devices.)

Turn customers into advocates

You know your product is good, but sometimes quality doesn’t speak for itself. How can you convince prospects that your products are the right fit for their businesses and customers? Look no further than your own customers. Business stakeholders want to know they’re making smart investments, so providing them with positive reviews from other businesses can be a powerful B2B marketing strategy. Have your sales reps or account managers solicit reviews from happy customers and include them in promotional emails to your prospect list. Bonus points for segmenting your messages by industry. Double bonus points if you can get them to give a video testimonial that you can post to your social pages and website.

What’s the point?

This isn’t a case of being distracted by the newest, shiniest toy. The upshot of all this is more data. Deploying these strategies will give you more contact with your ideal B2B customers and a better understanding of how they shop, which messages they’re most receptive to, and which of your products resonate with them (and their customers) the most. Use the insights gained from your digital campaigns to inform your sales strategy.

How is your organization adapting to changing trends in B2B marketing? What new challenges do you see on the horizon?