Capitalize on opportunities to upsell and cross-sell

Covey upsell and cross-sell: “The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.” –Sybil F. StershicIn today’s dynamic business world, everyone needs to know how to sell. It’s no longer the strict domain of the sales team to close deals with customers, now that digital channels make it easier than ever for shoppers to pull the trigger on a new product or service. In other words, anyone can inspire a purchase – given the right tools.

With a program that complements a brand’s marketing strategy, proactively targeting upsell and cross-sell opportunities, a company can drastically boost its revenue while giving customers what they want most. Here’s a three-part guide to help brand leaders piece together a winning formula for supplementary sales:

Covey upsell and cross-sell: “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup1. Train the customer-facing workforce:

Not all staff members are ready to jump into the world of sales, even if they work in a closely related department such as marketing or user support. That’s why a strong training program should form the basis of any initiative to boost upsells and cross-sells. Companies will be happy to see how significantly a single training module can impact sales.

A recent article from Wharton Business School shed some light on the phenomenon, pointing to research that revealed the power of training. Comparing two groups of sales associates, analysts found that those who had underwent some form of sales education made 46%  more conversions every hour than those who had not. It’s clear that training is the first building block in the process for upsell success.

2. Empower staff members with data:

Once employees across the company’s marketing and support networks are trained in the art of sales, brand leaders will need to give them tools that allow them to utilize their new skill sets. Even well-trained staff members will not be able to execute in-the-moment sales using relevant data points.

At center stage should be a CRM-style database that allows complete visibility of the entire customer database. With these tools, staff members will know exactly what types of products and services a customer prefers, and can make an appropriate recommendation in stride. As an article from Software Advice‘s Customer Service Investigator blog explained, such systems are necessary for any upsell initiative.Covey upsell and cross-sell: “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R.

“[The customer] may not even realize that what he needs is a different product with more capabilities or a different service package,” Craig Harrison, a consultant with Expressions of Excellence, told the source. “But because the agent knows the product line and is actively listening to what the customer is saying, the agent is well positioned to suggest the appropriate fix – and then make additional suggestions.”

Upsell and cross-sell: "You manage things; you lead people."3. Prepare to venture across channels:

A brand may specialize in email marketing or call center support, but in order to maximize upsells and cross-sells, staff members should be ready to engage with customers in any channel or interactive scenario. Information from email databases should be readily available for call center agents and vice versa, as customers can now seamlessly jump between channels.

Cross-sell and upsell opportunities abound in the modern business world, and by following these tips, a brand can capitalize on these chances for additional profit.