Online Reviews Infographic

Since 90 percent of customers say their buying is influenced by online reviews, you’d better make sure your online reputation, in reviews and other places, is as positive as possible. We’ve gathered data from a few studies to show you more as to why online reviews can impact your business. It is all in our nice infographic below.

Online Reviews Infographic

Online Reviews Infographic
Why you should care about online reviews


Here’s how to reply to reviews,

  • Make sure you fully understand the problem before responding, ask questions if you’re not sure. Have an open and honest conversation about what happened.
  • Take a breather before typing a reply. Or have someone else do it for you — you are obviously passionate about your business, don’t react too quick and say something that will cost the customer, or worse, future customers that read your reply.
  • Most people just want to be heard, let them tell their story while actually listening and offering solutions. You can’t change what they feel was wrong about their experience, but you can move forward together.

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